//Apple launches iOS 11 at WWDC 2017

Apple launches iOS 11 at WWDC 2017

iOS 11 has just been introduced at Apple WWDC event 2017 with many new experiences. Version officially released with the new iPhone in the third quarter of this year.

What are new in iOS 11?

At the WWDC event, Apple introduced the iOS operating system 11, the next version of iOS 10. iOS 11 has a new interface, Siri smarter when supporting more languages and translation support directly, understand the context and anticipate the next user’s intention. Apple Pay system was modified to a payment between two users together, even by through iMessage.

The intuitive interface is the new step on the iOS 11. It looks a lot more realistic than the previous control. Overall, Overall, iOS 11 looks no different than iOS 10, but the notification Center and quickly set to be redesigned.

apple launches ios 11 Design
Photo: The Verge.

On Camera

On iOS 11, Apple refreshes the Camera app, adding capabilities to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus video capture capabilities in H.265 format, which reduces compression and enhances image quality. New generation JPEG compressed files will also be more compact and steadier. Live Photos feature allows users to choose the best photos.

On the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple also improves its algorithm for capturing images, which effectively removes the background image, making it less error-prone than the previous version. Apple also added new filters, including the ability to turn ordinary photos into exposures. “Memories” in the camera also support the creation of video vertically for optimum display on mobile devices.

Maps Application

On the new Maps application, Apple adds an elevated viewing feature, which helps users accurately display the location of each floor in a shopping mall, distinguishes between the overlapping towers or the Terminal inside the airport. However, this feature is only available in some major cities in the world.

Smart Home

In order to increase the power of smart home systems, Apple also improved the “Home Kit”, meet many more devices, smarter when can adjust music for many different rooms in the House. Apple introduced the AirPlay 2 standard, which reached an agreement with many major labels such as Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Naim, Dynaudio … to popularize this standard.

The Apple Music app also refreshes the interface, personalizes user accounts, and optimizes layouts, making searching and playing music more convenient. Users also know what their friends are hearing, and can “close” their personal pages to more private.


After years of displaying as icons, AppStore now has a new look. Apple has a nicer way of showing up when apps are categorized into categories and have larger cover images. This sort of arrangement is like Apple’s “hybrid” between the old AppStore interface and the interface of the Windows Phone app store, as the image and typography as the main focus.

iOS AppStore
Photo: The Verge.

With the popular game titles or multi-user applications such as VSCO. AppStore also displays more “inspirational” articles for users to understand how to use, or have more tips for yourself. Apple wants to market its applications more depth, rather than just include the basic information as before.

iOS 11 for Ipad

While not changing many of the interfaces on the iPhone, but iOS 11 makes the iPad more powerful when the “dock” the same Mac OS. Along with multitasking, multi-screen capabilities, turn iPad to become more effective equipment for work instead of leisure just as before.

iOS 11 for Ipad
Photo: The Verge.

On the new iOS, Apple introduced the Files app, which turned the iPad into a Mac – in a simpler way. Users can drag and drop files, pictures, and folders into Files for continuous use on various applications such as Notes, KeyNote, Email… and it is also associated with iCloud the user’s storage drive.

Apple has started offering iOS 11 Developer Preview (for developers) today. The official version is expected to be released with the new iPhone in the third quarter of this year.

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