//10 best website buy Calling Card Number & International Calling

10 best website buy Calling Card Number & International Calling

In this age of communication, calling cards are of great value with international calling codes. They have a large consumer base and are very popular among villagers where data usage is low and calling card number is all one needs to communicate. The domestic and international calls are easily managed and the calling cards ensure a smooth connectivity. The calling cards are cost effective for calling international from the US. They have 24/7 connectivity for customers. With so many benefits, let’s have a look at top 10 calling cards:

Calling Card Number

1. ComFi.com

Without a shadow of a doubt, ComFi is the number one international calling card. It has millions of customer base and is known for providing global standard services.


Key Features

  • ComFi has the largest market share and is a prepaid card service provider.
  • It is known for providing cheapest call rates for all domestic calls to the US.
  • Customer care department is always up and ready to provide services 24/7.
  • The customers are called back and a 100% satisfaction is ensured.
  • Another key feature is pinless dialing. Accounts are wholesale as well as corporate.


  • Rates are cheapest for ComFi and from Austria to the US; it is just 105 cents per minute.
  • UK, Italy, France and Switzerland rates are just 90 cents per minute.

2. Trapcall

Trapcall is a privacy intact calling card service. There are no chances of scams or harassment calls.


Key Features

  • Trapcall offers three packages for its customers i.e. Basic, Premium, and Ultimate.
  • The basic package involves unmasked blocked calls, blacklist harassing calls, and 10 reverse number lookups.


  • The basic package costs $3.95 per month
  • Premium costs $7.95 per month and Ultimate costs $19.95 per month.

Trapcall Pricing

3. SpoofCard

SpoofCard allows you to disguise your caller id and makes it easier for the user to hide identity on calls and messages.


Key Features

SpoofCard protects the caller’s privacy. Secondly, SpoofCard calls can be recorded. Also, voicemail messages can also be directly sent.


Call plans start from $3.50 per month and go up to $11.99 per month.

4. EVoice

EVoice manages your business calls and all answers them on your behalf. Customer’s time and money are saved using eVoice features.

EVoice manages your business calls and all answers them on your behalf

Key Features

  • EVoice offers a receptionist, call routing, greetings and conferencing.
  • The feature of voicemail has also been added.


  • Basic rate starts from $12.99 per month with 300 monthly minutes and 2 extensions.
  • Other plans are for $29.99, $49.99 and $79.99.  

5. Phone

One of the most flexible calling solutions for entrepreneurs, Phone.com offers lowest call rates with splendid features.

Phone.com offers lowest call rates with splendid features

Key Features

Key Features include account management, call blocking, call forwarding, mobile apps, text greetings etc.


Rates start from $10 and go up to $30 per month.

International Calling

6. Lycamobile

If you want to call the world for less, Lycamobile is the ideal platform for you. They have the cheapest rates for Internation calling.


Key Features

  • New customer order plan is available for Lycamobile with 1GB data offered as well.
  • Over 50+ countries can be called, with bonus international calls available as well.


  • Basic package starts from $29 per month and goes on to $45 per month.

7. Noblecom Phone Cards

Low rates and clear calls are considered as a trademark for Noblecom. As a NobelCom customer you get the best rates for cheap international calls through phone cards, NobelApp for your smartphone, and great deals for prepaid cell recharges in over 300 mobile networks worldwide

Noblecom Phone Cards

Key Features

  • Noblecom.com offers prepaid recharge facility.
  • Local Acess Numbers
  • Pinless Dialing
  • Free iOS/Android App
  • Free PC-2-Phone App
  • Auto recharge
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • They have two bonuses available as well, for new customers.
  • They have over 30 million customers served and the number just keeps on increasing.


  • Call rates are as low as 1 cent for customers dialing from Romania.
  • Using Calling card number of Noblecom.com are attractive offer budget wise and are a sure way to have endless calls without an impact on the wallet.

8. Tello

Without any hassle of contracts, customizable and freedom to choose from cards options, Tello.com is highly in demand international call card.

ello.com is highly in demand international call card

Key Features

  • Tello has a nationwide 4G coverage.
  • They do not have any contracts to bog down customers.
  • There are no fees and they allow international plans to be mixed with domestic plans.
  • Mix your plan with international calls


  • Basic plan starts from $29 per month.
  • This involves unlimited minutes for $15, unlimited text for $3 and 1GB data for $11.

9. Lingo

One of the very few service providers who have a digital phone, Lingo offers 20+ calling features to its customers.

Lingo offers 20+ calling

Key Features

Features offered by Lingo include caller ID with name, call forwarding, advanced voicemail, privacy, security, and directory assistance. There is a free Lingo to Lingo calling as well.


Basic rates start from $19.95 per month on the 1-year term and discounted offer starts from $14.95 an annual term.

10. Toll-free forwarding

Toll-free forwarding allows you to send the call made to a number to any device across the globe. This extends to landlines, mobile devices, and other systems.
Toll-free forwarding

Key Features

Toll-free forwarding offers virtual numbers. Customers can also go for domestic packages.


Rates start from $7.99 per month and go till $17 per month. Initial registration and sign in are free.


With such diversity of international calling card number and services, the end customers are bound to enjoy and feel facilitated by such mesmerizing offers.

Choose the service providers that you feel are most suitable for you. And do not forget to leave a review below for the following customers.

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