///GetResponse review

GetResponse review

  • Full-featured 30-day trial
  • Third-party contact import integration
  • Spam Checker
  • Easy-to-use tracking tool
  • Surveys Integrated
  • Webinars Integrated
  • No refunds
  • No Social Ads Campaigns

The online advertising development platform allows entrepreneurs to build lists of specific subscribers and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up email marketing campaigns. It also provides other services such as to automate marketing, design response emails and email templates, statistics tools, and lots more. This article is centered on getResponse review. In other words, it will show you what you should know about GetResponse and what qualifies it to the called the best email marketing system.

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What is getResponse?

GetResponse is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the area of online marketing. It is one of the best email marketing system in the world as it offers easy and quality services. In this way, it Helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It has offices all over the world: from Poland to USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, and Russia, amongst others. There are more than 300 professionals registered to this company’s name. Also, it has more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries. Hence, this platform is accessible in 21 different languages.

The company offers a full range of simple but wide-ranging solutions for small and large companies. GetResponse tools are designed for organizations that want to implement effective, high-volume email marketing campaigns that drive return on investment.

getResponse review on Features

Creative design

GetResponse has a large number of images in its libraries (1000+). With an extensive collection of images, GetResponse allows you to persuade customers and investors. This Premium gallery is completely free, due to the union with the IStockphoto platform.

There are more than 180 subscription form designs. In these forms, you have the options to add colors, edit texts and insert images, among others. This way you can adapt the forms to any project. You can request all the information you want: state, surname, name, country, age, email and city. It can be configured to count the number of visits to the forms and make comparisons.

Spam Checker

Optimize the spam box resistance of your email messages through an advanced spam check of your content. Make your email foolproof to the strictest anti-spam criteria to avoid spam flagging, improve your reputation with ISPs, and optimize deliverability.

SpamAssassin™ reviews the content of your message and completes a spam check to determine whether anything may cause it to be classified by the ISPs as spam, ranking it on a scale of 0-5.

getResponse Spam Checker

SpamAssassin™ is integrated with the GetResponse Message Editor, making it a part of your newsletter creation routine – intuitive and impossible to omit. This ensures that your message will pass the toughest anti-spam examinations.

Importing Subscribers

Importing Subscribers

With this option, you can add quickly and automatically from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, LinkedIn and Google Docs. It also provides you with different options of subscriptions formats. You can configure the format so that the people who visit it have several options to choose, in case they do not want to register immediately.

Social networks

Another excellent option is to insert buttons in the links you want. Hence, in this way, your subscribers can share in social networks. It is a way to attract more customers and that your company expands. You can add the forms directly to your Facebook page and Twitter to reach more customers in a simple way. It also gives free plugins for easy use on your WordPress blog. Automatically schedule the messages you want to be published on your networks. It can automate the delivery of messages published in your blog, among others.

Message Tracking

Message Tracking

Allows you to create follow-up messages. Readers will receive them automatically after subscribing to your mailing list. You can schedule when messages will be sent to subscribers. You can also create a welcome message that will be sent just when your customers subscribe to your list. And You can also create another email that contains the manual to send to them a couple of days later.

GetResponse on iPhone and Android

GetResponse has applications in order to make it easy to access. Even without your P.C., you can use your mobile devices to access it. However, the usage options are a little limited but you can: program messages, send immediate messages, view statistics and manage the contact list, amongst others.


Collect opinions the subscribers, by asking them questions. You can improve your products by knowing and considering the needs of your subscribers. You can create advertisements based on the needs detected. They are ways to earn more subscribers and make a profit by selling more products.

Give your subscribers opportunities to express their opinions and participate in real communication about your brand.
The GetResponse survey wizard is intuitive to use and offers a spectrum of possibilities, to make your questionnaires more effective


This function allows you to make internet Webinars with custom URLs. You can configure the Webinars will be open to everyone or password-protected.
You can send invitations, mention group discussions to email lists, help them faster with the seminars that you organize.

Also, With the GetResponse Webinars mobile app, you can stream audio and video: use your preferred mobile device to get convenient access to instant audio and video, live discussions, Record your webinars, Use text chat, Engage your audience. You can also use social gadgets willing to share them like facebook, twitter.

Compare vs iContact and MailChimp

Price for


Emails per month

A/B Split Testing

Email Autoresponders

Account Users

Google Analytics

API Access

Free Account

Custom Forms


Facebook Ad Campaigns

Instagram Ad Campaigns

Email Designer

Email Templates

Social Share

Surveys Email


Landing pages

Affiliate link

Spam checker



1000 subscribes/ mo*



30 day




1000 subscribes/ mo*



30 day




500 subscribes/ mo*


Multi users


Not accept


A getResponse review is not complete without informing the public about how to subscribe.  GetResponse has 4 types of subscriptions depending on the needs of merchants, professionals, and companies. List sizes can range from 1000 to +100000 depending on the package bought:


For beginner email marketers, $15 / month with a list size of 1000. It has options to do the following:

  • Self-answers
  • Landing Pages (Basic)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Workflows
  • Labels
  • 1 user


For retailers focused on growth and SMEs, $49 / month with a list size of 5000. It has options to do the following:

  • Autoresponders
  • Landing pages (Pro)
  • Webinars 100 attendees
  • Marketing Automation
  • Workflows
  • Labels
  • Punctuation
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Web Events Tracking
  • Automation Segmentation
  • 3 users


Marketing professionals with advanced needs, $165 / month with a list size of 10000. It has options of the Pro package plus the following options:

  • Custom DKIM
  • Campaign Consulting
  • Webinars 500 attendees
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Marketing Automation
  • Workflows
  • Labels
  • Punctuation
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Web Events Tracking
  • Automation Segmentation
  • 5 users


For companies looking for effective solutions, $999 / month with a list size of +100000. It has options of the Max package plus the following options:

  • Account Manager
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Maximum shipping performance
  • Delivery Consulting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Workflows
  • Labels
  • Punctuation
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Web Events Tracking
  • Automation Segmentation
  • 10 users


For what I have review in getResponse and also the email marketing service that I am using. GetResponse is a good service with many outstanding features. Excellent anti-spam control. It is really a service worth letting companies use to increase sales and customer care.


Alicia extremely friendly and loving person. She loves to write. Currently, She does working as a review staff for TechApc.Com with 5 years experience. She has gained some experience which We think may help your business.

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  1. Dinesh D'Souza‏ |

    GetResponse is full of features of a professional email marketing service provider. I am satisfied with their service. You will be supported by online courses in their academy. Also, the spam alert feature makes it easy to identify the percentage that you can easily send.
    The next time they integrate social media campaigns, it would be great.

  2. Fraserif9s |

    Their 30 day trial service was not good. Actually I only used 1/3 of that time then I locked my account. I still do not have time to get to know all of their features, although the features I’ve come across are basically good.

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