///Host1Plus Review

Host1Plus Review

  • SSD Drive for all VPS plans
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Easy to Setup in just 3 Steps
  • Free backup
  • Very good prices
  • Highly flexible plans offered to suit you
  • No Phone Support
  • Little higher charge for cPanel and Extra Care Support

Created in 2008, Host1Plus has server stations located in the United States, Brazil, Germany, and South Africa. It is one of the top web hosting companies. They are focused on producing excellent hosting services, and permanent relationships with customers and those who support their vision. There are certain core values that the company is built on including, tolerance, reliability, and partnership. These features have allowed them to have years as a successful business. This Host1Plus review has found that this company aims to make sure it has perfect network stability and outstanding customer care. In this review, we will analyze the company based on its features, price, pros and cons to name a few areas.

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Host1Plus Review on features

Shared Plans

In their Web hosting packages, Host1Plus offers three plans. These are Personal, Business and Business Pro. The Personal plan is the cheapest it starts at $5.00 monthly. While Business Pro is the most expensive at $15 monthly. Each plan offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Host1Plus Web Hosting from $5.00

The Personal host1plus coupon offers 3 add-on domains and 5 subdomains. This package also provides 1 free domain and 5 databases. There is a monthly fee required for the dedicated IP address.

The most popular package offered is the Business plan. It gives you 1 free domain, 10 add-on domains, 20 subdomains, 20 databases and an additional monthly fee for the dedicated IP. The Professional plan has a limitless offering of the add-on domains, subdomains, and databases. Additionally, you get 1 free domain and free dedicated IP.

VPS Plans

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offered by Host1Plus start as low as $2.25. There are 6 different plans. These are Amber, Bronze, and Silver which is the most popular plan offered.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting from $2.25

Then there is Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The most used VPS plan Silver, offers 2 cores CPU, 2048 MB RAM, 80 MB disk drive and 2000 GB of bandwidth at $10 monthly. The cheapest of the set is the Amber plan.

This is priced at $2.25 per month. It offers 0.5 cores of CPU, 256 MB of RAM, 20 GB disk drive and 500GB of bandwidth. You will pay $80 if you select the most expensive plan, Diamond. It includes 8 cores CPU, 16384 MB of RAM, 1000 GB Disk drive and 12000 GB of Bandwidth.

The bronze is fallen between the Amber and Silver in terms of price and features offered while the Gold and Platinum are the Silver and Diamond as it relates to price and features offered.

Cloud Plans

Our Host1Plus review found that this company offers the cloud service for the Linux and the Windows Operating systems. For the Linux system, they present 6 plans for you to pick from.

The LIN1 plan is the cheapest. It is priced at $8.00 per month. It includes 1 core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB of disk space and 2 TB Bandwidth.

Host1Plus Cloud Servers from $8.00

LIN 2 is the most popular type of host1plus coupon presented here. It offers 2 cores of CPU, 2048 MB of RAM, 40 GB of Disk space and 4TB of Bandwidth for a monthly price of $16.00.

The most expensive plan is the LIN 32 it goes at a price of $156.00 monthly. It has 8 cores CPU, 32768 MB RAM, 1000 GB Disk space and 24 TB Bandwidth. In terms of Windows, there are 4 cloud plans on offer.

The cheapest and most popular is the WIN 4. It is priced at $25.00 per month. It includes 2 cores CPU, 4096 MB RAM, 100 GB Disk space, and 6TB of Bandwidth.

Reseller Plans

Host1Plus also offers 4 Reseller Hosting plans. These are the Starter, Personal, Business, and Business Pro. They each offer unlimited; hosted domains, databases, sub-domains and free dedicated IP.

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting from $20.00

The most regularly chosen is the Personal plan. In addition to the above features, it gives 75 GB disk space and 750GB bandwidth, starting at $25 monthly.


The Host1Plus found that the company has a 99% guarantee on the uptime. Ensuring customers that they can relax and know that their websites will be fully operational at the highest standard. There is also a monitoring service provided by the Host1Plus.


The volatile market causes prices to change. However, the pricing at Host1Plus seems to remain reasonable. This is especially gracious considering the added features they are offering.

With Host1Plus web hosting plans no more than $15 per month. The most expensive service is the cloud servers which require more maintenance and goes at around $156.00.

Pros & Cons

The Host1Plus review will now look at the Pros and Cons.


  1. Very good prices.
  2. Upgrading to higher plans is very easy.
  3. A money back guarantees offered.
  4. Highly flexible plans offered to suit you


  1. One major concern is that the company offers many support medias but none seem to be phone support.


To conclude, this host1plus review has established the fact that this company offers plans that are laid with features, at very affordable prices. They also have good customer support although it may not include the phone as a medium. Excellent brand value at adequate prices.


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