///Hosting24 Review

Hosting24 Review

  • Pretty Good Customer Support
  • Enhanced Security with Automated Backups
  • Unlimited emails
  • Numerous Promotional Sales
  • Free Website Transfer(s)
  • cPanel
  • Free Domain for Life
  • Below Average 99.84% Uptime
  • Slower than the Competition
  • Limited, Marginally Beneficial Backups
  • Domain Registry has Lag Times

As the technology boom has been on the rise, the hosting companies have registered in large numbers across the globe. There are thousands of online hosting companies who claim to offer unique services. However, there are very few which are in the club of ICANN verified. One of these companies is the Hosting24 which is part of the Hostinger group of companies.

Hosting24 was launched in the year 2004 and in the last thirteen years, its market has increased to hundreds of thousands of clients. The diversified panel of features offered under the umbrella of Hosting24 includes web hosting, VPS server hosting and a complete market suite. There are offers of shared hosting as well as reseller hosting.

Hosting24 Similars

Hosting24 review on Features

Among so many host service offering companies, there have to be unique features offered that can make the life of clients easy and can help in getting a massive return on investments. As per the Hosting24 Review, there are three major hosting offered by Hosting24 and all these are flagship initiatives. The primary hosting is the shared hosting, followed by reseller hosting and then there is VPS server hosting. Shared hosting features involve unlimited disk space and bandwidth. No matter how much traffic your business involves, you will not face any challenge whatsoever if you opt for shared hosting.

Hosting24 Offering alternative products

Hosting24 Offering alternative products

The domain is free and there is free registration for customers. The support system is unique and is available 24/7. There is no hassle for the clients as not for even a single second, there will be a delay in web hosting. Making it even more convenient for the users, there is a chat panel that can ensure there is nothing to worry. As this is an age of marketing and there are marketing suites offering unique solutions, Hosting24 also offers such amazing discounts. WordPress is available that ensures all the blogging world is linked with the customer wish and demand. This all is followed by strong Google AdSense presence with their hosting.

Dynamic Solutions for Web hosting

Visual Website Builders, thousands of Beautiful Templates and a Free Domain! Unlimited Space and Bandwidth so there is room to grow.

Hosting24 review - Web Hosting Price

The shared hosting package has weekly automatic backups and makes it secure for clients. You will be wondering what the cost of such amazing services is. Well, they charge a humble $3.99 per month and make it amazingly cheaper for clients. Next in line of their offers is the Reseller hosting. These hosting services have the most robust and scalable features for clients. The reseller hosting offers SSL support and one can buy any sort of feature they want. They have professional billing software and you can feel at comfort for support required from systems.

Reseller Package

If you want business web hosting services. You can start with hosting24 by using Reseller Hosting Packages and you will start your own web hosting business!

Hosting24.com Reseller

The chat panel accounts are unlimited when it comes to Hosting24 for reseller accounts. Once you have registered for reseller hosting, you will have no worries for the chat panels. There is a guaranteed up time and this up time will be 99.99% SLA. You will not find many web hosting companies offering such high uptime percentage. Anti-virus scans are run and these scans ensure that no vulnerabilities are exposed. For the satisfaction of customers, there is a money back guarantee as well. Customers will have a 30 day period for money back and they can build their trust and belief without any hassle.

Hosting24 review on VPS

Hosting24 VPS

One of the standout features offered is the VPS server hosting. VPS server is easily available and it will cost less than $11. It is space available almost as much as 8 GHz for a client. There will be a dedicated connection with a speed up to 100 MB/S and it just doesn’t end here. There is a guaranteed uptime of 24/7.  As the major focus has revolved around marketing strategies and presence in the web world, the VPS server will be well positioned to capture the market attention.


There are plenty of domain names available and their prices are as low as $0.99. This speaks so much about the versatility and the embrace too large customer database. There are special domain names which are available as low as $15. Customers need to come and search for the domain names and there will be very few instances in which they will be left behind to attract the favorite domain name.

Earning Commissions

Hosting24 also provides you with an opportunity to earn money using their platform. They have continuous customer reviews updated and you can have a look at actual customer responses. Earning money involves choosing 50% lifetime commissions and one click solution for earning all this. One can generate their own coupon codes along with linking directory to their own sites. The stylish banners are also offered and this makes the hosting24 unique in its own way.


I would highly recommend the winning attitude clients to join and make maximum benefit out of the Hosting24 hosting services offered. They have the most dynamic and customer friendly services along with real-time support system.

Transparency is one of the key attributes of their services and over the passage of time; my faith in them has increased. Hosting24 indeed are the best hosting site to go for.

In this article hosting24 review. I have helped you to have a general look at a reputable web hosting service and always in the top 10 best web hosting by customer rating.

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