///iContact Reviews

iContact Reviews

  • Marketing tool is super
  • Great design
  • iContact Assign you a strategic Advisor
  • Great Support
  • Award-Winning Salesforce Integration
  • Super-Simple Navigation
  • Email spam checker
  • Not Robust Enough
  • Difficulty Cancelling and “No Refunds” Policy
  • Image Library Limited to 5mb Free Space
  • Inherent Upsell
  • Limited phone and chat support

iContact is a fast-growing email marketing services in the market. It has a lot of features that will help you designed an attractive email campaign, and create a mail that will make you stand out in the industry.  You can navigate easily with the software. They have hundreds of emails templates and newsletter to guide you through as a newbie, and the image and text editor help you to create a picture that will help you sell your brand more as an individual. iContact also know the importance of social media, by allowing you to get the contact of your potential customers via the integrated sign up page.

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iContact vs Mailchimp and getResponse

Price for


Emails per month

A/B Split Testing

Email Autoresponders

Account Users

Google Analytics

API Access

Free Account

Custom Forms


Facebook Ad Campaigns

Instagram Ad Campaigns

Email Designer

Email Templates

Social Share

Surveys Email


Landing pages

Affiliate link

Spam checker



1000 subscribes/ mo*



30 day




500 subscribes/ mo*


Multi users


Not accept



1000 subscribes/ mo*



30 day


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Key Features of iContact

icontact award

Email spam checker

It’s the same as getResponse. iContact incorporate a spam checker, which gives you suggestion and things to remove from your mail to bypass the spam check.

For me, I will say this is an excellent tool because it gives you the assurance that your mail is getting to your audience. The tool will show you the right word to use for your newsletter, which will allow any marketing to reach any audience they want to without the fear of their message getting spammed.

This will gives you the high probability that your customers or prospects will read what you have to them. Most of the mail I sent to some Gmail address made it to the inbox, which signifies that the spam checker tool is doing a great job.

And the result of all the mail was very easy to track. This will show you if your readers did open the email you sent to them, or they forward it, or if the sent mail was spammed. To make sure your message reach a larger audience you might consider posting on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

iContact also helps you to see how your audience read the message you sent to them also because the company will help you track if your followers shared, tweeted or liked your contents.


When you have new subscribers or member joining your website, you can use the autoresponder of the iContact to greet them and welcome them onboard. This is an excellent business tool that keeps helping your customer feel unique and keep you on their mind.

Similarly, the auto responder can also allow you to set a particular date and time specific message will be sent to your customers, which can be a time-saving tool especially when you are busy.

You can have a message automatically sent to your clients that read your mail, to follow up with them in case you are trying to sell them something. To make your subscribers feel loved, you can also personalize a birthday wish for them to keep your brand in their mind, what a great way to have a repeated buyer.

Easy to use

The iContact makes it very simple for their customers. You have already made a template to help you send the mail that will sell your brand to your potential customers. You have a help link by the side of the mailbox that will walk you through a tutorial on how to create a captivating mail if the type you want is not listed on the template.

iContact allow you to either create your message or use the template they already provided for you on their software. The software also allows you t preview the mail exactly how your customers will see them when they view it from their phones or desktops.

Their various templates are subdivided based on the industry from technology, Agriculture, education, and finance, which allow you to craft a mail that will be relevant to such sectors.

You can also pay iContact to have your mail professionally designed for you. Since it’s important to see what your customer will likely see when you send them a message, the preview features of iContact make it excellent for you to do that. You will be able to view how it will appear on various gadgets, from phones, laptop, and tablets.

List Management

A lot of email marketing software allows you to import your contacts and your files; iContact even makes it easier to perform this task.

You can import contact by typing them one after the other or simply copy and paste into their software. This is critical for you to build your list with ease and create a sign up the page in no time.

But the customization of the iContact sign-up page is a bit limited. You won’t be able to add an image to the mail which removes the opportunity for you to brand the mail you are sending to your clients. They have information that can help you segment your market.

If for example, your business is into sports wares, you can simply ask them their best player, and team. You will be able to target your audience with what they want.


The function is similar to some providers like Mailigen or getResponse. Their surveying tool allows you to create surveys with open-ended and closed-ended questions, and then send those surveys out to your contacts or make the survey publicly accessible

Plan and Pricing

  • 1 – 10,000 you will be required to pay $10 – $74
  • 10,001 – 25,000 you will cost you $74 – $109+
  • 25,001 – 50,000 get in touch with iContact
  • > 100,000 subscribers. You will need to contact iContact to get a better deal
  • Send Limits: None


Marketing tool is super

iContact’s social media tools are integrated to various social media platforms to allow you post your contents to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in real time, that will allow your clients to share your message with their friends. This allows you to track their engagement and grow your brand in the process.

Great design

You will appreciate iContact designs, whether you are new to email marketing or not. You will be able to navigate through the interface of the software very well. If you love to design your mail, you will love iContact.

Assign you a strategic Advisor

iContact assign you a strategic advisor on some of their plans. This advisor will allow you to take advantage of their various marketing features. This is an excellent option you can capitalize on. They also give you training on how to make use of their different features.

They have a tool to take care of large users

Many businesses have a problem in using many email marketing company because they can’t take care of their large customers.  iContact tools make you send mail to a very broad audience. These tools allow you to target a particular audience and also segment your lists.

A lot of resources to improve your skills

They provide you with a user guide to take full advantage of the various features of the site. You will get various features, videos, webinar to help you maximize their different marketing training. You can get all of these materials in their help section.


Contact options limited

Most email marketing company has various features to help you import your contacts, but iContact limit your choices. You cannot import contacts from Gmail or third-party address books. This limitation is surprising considering their position in the email marketing industry. It will be great if they can improve this flaw.

Image Library Limited

The company only provides 5 Mb space to upload pictures which are not good enough. If you are considering uploading a high graphic image, you may not be able to do that which is disappointing. You will have to contact them to help you with that.

Final Thought:

iContact is an email marketing company that can help you build your brand and take it to the next level. The company makes it super easy to attract prospects with their signup page, keep your readers glued to your segmented mail, and social media statistics and report to help you know how your customer respond to the mail. You rest assured that your mail ill gets to your audience with the spam check they integer on their software. Regardless of the device, your audience will be viewing your mail; they will find it interesting with the preview feature of the iContact.  iContact email marketing is excellent and I’ll advise you to give it a try.

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