///IDrive Review

IDrive Review

  • Unlimited devices in one account
  • File Explorer integration
  • Easy setup
  • Folder syncing
  • Continuous backup option
  • Hard drive for mailing in data
  • It can backup Facebook and Instagram
  • Support Android, IOS, Windows Phone
  • No Discount for Upgrade
  • Web Upload Folder function is only supported in Google Chrome
  • Sometimes, Online chat support is not available 24/7

IDrive is a customer oriented service that offers excellent online backup solutions. One of the key reasons for its increasing popularity among the users is the wide range of useful features. Currently, IDrive offers what can qualify as the most generous free tier service to customers giving you a 5GB of backup space which you can use on multiple devices. And you won’t need to enter your credit card details to do this.

In addition to data backup, IDrive also offers what they call a social media backup. This service allows you to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts and it will backup all your videos and photos. Its real value is realized when friends deactivate or un-tag you from a file instead of losing it. You will still have it safely in the cloud and if you ever choose to delete your Facebook account, IDrive will still be having your files.

Similar to Google Drive, files stored on IDrive can be shared on social networks or on any link. Additionally, you can set passwords to files for collaboration purposes.

IDrive Similars

IDrive review


Data transfers from your PC to the cloud are encrypted through a secure SSL code. Once the data is on the cloud, you can choose the default encryption or pick your own. If the data you are dealing with is too sensitive choosing a personalized encryption key is the best choice you can ever make as far as security is concerned. On the flipside, if you ever lose your key the data will be lost forever as no one can decrypt the data including I drive. So be extra careful with the storage of your keys.

In ensuring that the security of your data is guaranteed. IDrive own their servers and they don’t use rented virtual servers from service providers in the market.

However, IDrive seems to have a missing two-step verification. This is an important security feature that blocks access by unauthorized persons who have accessed your passwords. To most people, this is an important feature that offers additional assurance.

Scheduled backups

This application will have your data backed up on a daily basis on a schedule that you can adjust according to your specific needs. The changes made to date that you choose to backup is instantaneous on all the devices that you have installed the IDrive as long as you are logged in. As the backup is running you can estimate the time it will take to finish by simply viewing the file being processed in a selected folder.

IDrive Scheduler

An additional feature is the pause capability which lets you stop the backup if you wish to continue at a later time. If the process is consuming a lot of resources on your computer at the expense of other processes. You can be able to use a bandwidth limiter so that you balance resource use.

Smart Docs

Smart Documents is one of IDrive’s outstanding features. You can comfortably grab the document, then leave the rest to the app, because it recognizes each character and then saves a copy of the document. To get them back, all you have to do is search for applications on the desktop, web or mobile phone.

Social Backup

Add a plus point for IDrive is the ability to backup data from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram. With this feature, you can rest assured with the video, images posted in the case of bad guys sabotage.

Idrive Social backup

And it’s great that you can back up from multiple Facebook, Instagram accounts without any restrictions. When you make a backup from the social network accounts, IDrive will give you a directory that is the name of the social network account, avoid mistakes and easily manage.

IDrive does not store your Facebook information, so every time you wish to backup your Facebook data, you must provide your Facebook account credentials.

Remote management

In this era of digital progress and innovation, it’s pretty obvious that you will want to access your files while on a different computer. IDrive enables you to have that convenience and on top of that, they let you see your backup logs as well.

Data restoration

IDrive has a tab that is well loaded with restoration options. You can choose to restore a single file or if you have lost a large amount of data, it makes it possible to restore everything back. It also maintains an archive of all backed up files just in case you lose or completely delete from your hard drive.

Idrive Restore

Alternative options include deleting data from the backup or sending them to a trash area which works more or less like the recycle bin on Windows OS.

Customer service

IDrive has a 24 hr live chat as well as email support and should you experience any difficulty, the response time is real quick. If you prefer calling, they have their phone support from 6: 00 A.M -6:00 P.M.

It’s quite impressive to realize that the representatives of the call center are well informed and they can answer most of the queries. In addition, to live support, they have a ton of instructional videos that will help you master almost any part of the service and if you prefer reading, they have a blog with a very informative Q&A section.

8. Pricing

IDrive seems to have a generous offer with the basic plan being absolutely free and allows you a 5 GB storage. As an extra to the free plan, referrals will get you points that translate to an increased storage space which doesn’t expire.

Idrive Pricing

The personal plan will cost you $44.62 and you get 1TB storage for a whole year. The business plan sets you back $74.62 per year and you are handed 250GB storage.

IDrive vs SOS Online Backup vs LiveDrive

Monthly Price

Average Upload Speed

Average Download Speed

Free Trial

Free Storage

Mobile Apps

File Versioning

Keep Deleted Files

File Sync

Public File Sharing

Encrypted Storage

Personal Encryption

Free External HD Backup

Backup Scheduling

Exclude File Extensions

Social Backup

Music Streaming

Web Access

Data Center



7.5 Mbps

21 Mbps

5 GB

Android, iOS, Windows Phone



SOS Online


11.4 Mbps

40 Mbps

Android, iOS


Multiple (US, UK...)



3.5 Mbps

28.1 Mbps

Android, iOS, Windows

30 day




8 Mbps

18 Mbps

Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian

30 day



IDrive appears to be an excellent service which does what it promises. With me, IDrive is Best Cloud Storage. And with the mobile compatibility coupled with a simple interface, it is definitely an offer you should grab. The pricing is quite fair considering the level of security and customer support they offer.


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