///Interserver Review 2017

Interserver Review 2017

  • Affordable packages
  • Excellent customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting plans
  • No long-term contracts or exit fees
  • Scalable VPS hosting plans
  • No uptime guarantee on Web hosting plans
  • The services are limited
  • Not Good Support

Starting in 1999, Interserver hosting services continues to build on its core principles of quality, service, and support. It is this standard that has seen the company success for almost two decades. With clients ranging from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, Interserver hosting serves persons across the globe. This Interserver review will highlight some of their main products that have helped to carved the company’s success in the market.

Interserver Similars

Interserver Review on Features

Hosting Review

Starting at $5 per month, the Standard web hosting package from Interserver has a great deal for the price. With unlimited storage, transfer, websites, email and free SSL certificates, this makes InterServer hosting very competitive.

The Managed WordPress package is the most expensive, priced at $8.00 per month, offering the same thing as the Standard web hosting package plus one free website.

However, a third package called the ASP.NET web hosting, also priced at $5.00 per month has the capability to host twenty websites.

Interserver also offers its customers the following as standard features which accompany their products: free website migration, $1.99 domain registration, privately owned data center, onsite support, an easy to use control panel among other things.

Key Features for Hosting:

  • Free Website Migration
  • $1.99 Domain Registration
  • Privately Owned Datacenter
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • SSD Enhanced Servers
  • One Click Install Scripts
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

VPS Review Plans

Offering the VPS and  Cloud combined as an alternative to dedicated servers, It allows persons to choose between Linux, Microsoft, Ubuntu 14.04, Centos 7 and Debian 7, among others.

The Linux Cloud VPS is $6.00 per month while the Microsoft is $10.00. With this feature, Interserver offers a monthly payment service that can be canceled at any time, credit card and Paypal capabilities, uptime monitoring, and cluster DNS.

They have other VPS upgrades available for a price which include additional IP addresses, Cpanel, and direct administration access. The VPS Clouds are located on the east coast in Secaucus, NJ and on the west coast in Los Angeles, California.

Key Features for VPS

  • High-Performance Storage
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Multiple language Servers
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Backups and Snapshots
  • Flexible Software Options

Dedicated Servers

With customization options to suit the customer’s’ needs, the dedicated servers at Interserve come equipped to handle small and large scale businesses.

The three options offered in the dedicated servers are Intel Dual-Core Atom, Xeon E3-1230, and 2 x Six-Core E5-2620. With prices ranging from $39.00 to $310.00, the dedicated servers also offer zero set-up fees, data migration, 10 TB transfer and five IPs.

Interserver also offers customers a Quick server option- basically, this is a dedicated server that runs through KVM virtualization without the long-term contractual agreements. Quick servers also give customers access to the Interserver Management system which allows them to reboot, upgrade, downgrade or reinstall their applications.


With a 99.9% guarantee on the uptime from Interserver, customers can rest assured their websites will be functioning at the best quality. Along with this, there is the 24/7 uptime monitoring service offered to customers who purchase any package.


With the changes in the competition on the market, Interserver prices will fluctuate depending on the climate at the time. However, their pricing is very inexpensive considering all the extra customer support they are offering. With InterServer web hosting plans no more than $8 per month.

interserver price

The most expensive service is the dedicated servers which require more effort from the company. There is also an option called Quick Server, which allows your dedicated servers to be set up in 20 minutes or under. Depending on the RAM and CPU core the price for this product can range between $70.00 to $125 per month.

Pros and Cons


  1. Websites will always run smoothly because servers are running at 50% instead of 100%.
  2. There’s a guarantee of uninterrupted power supply to the server.
  3. The free migration service for websites to move from one server to another.
  4. The price lock guarantee where Interserver maintains the first year price into the second year.


  1. Shared hosting accounts are limited to using 20% of resources at once.
  2. Customer service is questionable.
  3. The services are limited.
  4. There are too many add-on services which come with an extra cost.

Value for Money

Interserver offers customers value for their money across their range of products. With a basic plan that includes so many unlimited features, the prices are good. They are also giving customers the chance to customize their dedicated servers to suit their needs, even though this is more on the expensive side.


This Interserver review looked at a variety of options available to customers. With so many years in the business, they have an advantage of using their strong reputation with existing customers to continue to grow the company. Even though their services are impeccable, customers should still consider their limitations and make a valid determination about the pros and cons of Interserver hosting.


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