///Ipage Hosting Review

Ipage Hosting Review

  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 days
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Supports quickly 24/7
  • Cheap host with $1.99 per month
  • Free domain
  • Designing and building tools
  • Quick install Wordpress
  • No Cpanel
  • Domain is quite expensive after that
  • Add domain difficult
  • Not Any Tools is free
  • Difficult use for beginner

Today is an age of graphical user interfaces. The customer demands and focus has greatly shifted towards the attractive web layouts and the catchy user interfaces. Apple was the one who introduced single touch solutions for the convenience of users. This marked an end to the need of never ending browsing interfaces and going through forms to extract information. With the advent of thousands of hosting sites and templates offering platforms, it is very difficult to create one’s own standing. Well, I have been lucky to come across one platform that offers unique and impeccable designs. Ipage Hosting is one of the highly rated and customer on demand site that is offering benchmark solution to web sites. The Ipage has the simplest solution that is well positioned in the marketplace.

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Features of Ipage Hosting

There are many factors that are considered when people opt for hosting websites. Some of the major factors include the rates being offered for per month charges. You will be astounded to know that Ipage has the lowest market rates. They only charge a humble $1.99/month for the most dynamic designs. You will be wondering about the possible designs they have to offer. There are offering thousands of mobile friendly templates that are available and are extremely convenient for the end users. Their graphical layouts and styling make them a delight to see at the cellular devices.

Ipage Control Panel

Offer Alternative Solutions

Google has offered numerous AdSense features over the years. Today the websites need to have traffic towards them for business to flourish and also to catch up with the customers.

The marketing suite is also very comprehensible as there are AdWords offers. For all the starters of business who will be wondering where to position themselves in the ever growing and dynamic web world, Ipage hosting seems to be the perfect solution.

Themes & Templates

The Ipage hosting services have the designing in your own way theme for the customers. They have blogs presence around as well. This includes the most in-demand WordPress blog. Customers can also link their site with blogs as per their taste and they wouldn’t need to bother about any security issues. All the hosting services are well secure.

There is complete business verification along with a detailed check of credentials. Malware attacks are very common and therefore Ipage has malware scanning for customers. The data center is also completely secure and makes it effortless for the client. That’s why it is rated as the best web hosting site for new as well as established players of the market.

Hosting Unlimited

  • Disk Space (storage): Unlimited
  • Transfer / Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Allowed Domains: Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
  • Free Domain: 1 domain name .com, .net … and bounces .xyz domain (1 year)

Costs involved

The marketing tools are also very handy. Ipage offers $100 Google AdWords set that will put your website at the top pages in every search. Imagine the traffic that you will have, along with the money on every click. It just doesn’t stop here, as there is a $100 Bing credit as well. There is a site analytics suite as well and this just makes the Ipage unique and effortless. The YP.com registration is also in the suite and this will make the website stand out from the rest.

24/7 Support

There have been many challenges faced by users about the support from the online systems. It is no need to worry as the Ipage solution is not one of these. There is a 24/7 hosting system which will ensure that there is nothing to worry about whenever the customer wants to have any help.

Ipage hosting review - Support

The solution also ensures that there is a detailed documentation. It is largely placed as an online knowledge base and will help to ensure that details are properly and elaborately mentioned.

They will provide seamless services along with a 30-day money back guarantee. In my personal experience, there hasn’t been any hosting company who offers such tremendous solution. There are video tutorials also available and these are of great help for the clients.

Domains Names Offered

Accessing domains has also been made very easy through Ipage. The Ipage Hosting has shown that there are more than 300 new domains available and these domains are available with pre-registration feature.

Although the pre-registration isn’t a guarantee of securing the domain name, there is a complete refund offer available. Such incentives enhance the customer confidence and make it convenient for them to believe in quality solution.

Pricing plan

WordPress Price

Wordpress Ipage Hosting review

Price for VPS

VPS Ipage hosting

Price for Dedicated

Dedicated Servers. Powerful Solutions.

Money-Back Guarantee

Whereas most Web hosting competitors offer 30-day refund periods, iPage promises the remainder of your unused fees back whenever you cancel.


There are pre-installed themes and scalable bandwidth for web traffic. They will ensure that customer gets free domain registration and there are customized control panels as well. All these powerful features simply make the web solutions standout from the rest.

The goal of Ipage Hosting is to empower businesses, just not only to host sites. All these features are a suite of powerful business models, who want to take the business by horns. With over 1million+ websites powered, I believe it’s the perfect spot for all you out there to host and enjoy.

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