///KnownHost reviews

KnownHost reviews

  • Good knowledge database
  • 30-day Money Back guarantee
  • Uptime guarantee
  • The five SSD VPS options
  • Limited support
  • Does not offer freebies
  • Does not offer domain registration

KnownHost was established in 2005 in the United States with data centers on the East Coast, West Coast, and Central. As a hosting services provider, KnownHost provides premium options to customers at affordable rates. KnownHost is hands down one of the best hosting sites that provide hosting packages for businesses built on an innovative technology that has 10-gigabite backbones across the world.

This KnownHost review will take into account the features, price, pros, cons, value of money and at the end of it all, a conclusion will be drawn as to recommendations on the hosting site and whether or not people should spend their money on it.

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KnownHost Review of Features

KnownHost Review of Features

VPS Specialists

Virtual Private Servers are a very good way of protecting your files, businesses and companies and the fact that KnownHost specializes in VPS hosting plans make it one of the best around.

If what you’re looking for is a plain shared hosting plan, then KnownHost cannot help you because they don’t offer this feature.

There are seven plans offered by KnownHost that fits different budgetary and resource needs. If for instance, you want an e-commerce site that requires the kind of security that a VPS can provide, KnownHost has that kind of security option that can guarantee the safety of your site.

And if your own need revolves around a kind of business that involves secure files for clients and employees, then KnownHost can be a perfect choice.

If for you, you have a blog or site that draws traffic, you can decide to upgrade from your current plan to a dedicated server.

Two of the main reasons why people choose a VPS are because of security and resources. While there may be no need for extra disk spaces or bandwidth, which are features offered by the VPS. But the need for security for the data on the site may be more than what other normal plans can offer.

In the same vein, if you need more resources for your site but are wary of jumping to a dedicated server, opting for the VPS may be your best choice.


The problem with hosting services is that most times, developers and webmasters can’t say for sure how many resources they’ll need every month which can constitute an even bigger problem if the hosting plan is not big enough.

The continuously changing nature of site owners is one of the reasons why KnownHost has provided add-on resources that can be applied to individual hosting accounts as they are needed without any contract.

We have many options to this that include resource upgrades like HDD, IP addresses, RAM, and bandwidth. While the resources can be added monthly, the payment plan is flexible and can be paid for when they are needed and the money saved when they aren’t.

Software upgrades like Blesta, cPanel, WHMCS, and Softaculous can also be added. When you have those options, what it means is that you are just paying for the site hosting and those options that your site needs to succeed.

If in the course of developing your site, you feel that you do not need billing software, you are not bound by any law or rule to still pay for it. This kind of flexibility offered by KnownHost helps you cut down costs, make your site very fast, and completely secure.

KnownHost Blog

Having a site host is like having a partner in progress that is silent. While they may not always speak up, you know they are there and they have your back. Without the host, your files won’t be accessible to the world. But then, even if the hosts are silent, you’ll still wish occasionally that they show signs that they are alive, well and there and for KnownHost, one of the ways they show that they are there is by updating their blog regularly.

They not only talk about their goals as a company regularly, they also share tricks and ideas on how you can get the best out of your site.


The price of KnownHost hosting service differs based on the different plans.

For the VPS, it’s between $25 and $120 dollars monthly.

knownhost vps pricing

Dedicated plans go for as high as $179 dollars and for the entire KnownHost server, as high as $379 dollars.

knownhost Dedicated pricing

Pros & Cons


  • It has a good knowledge database
  • It has a VIP reseller program.
  • KnownHost has a 30-day Money Back guarantee.
  • Uptime guarantee
  • It has specialized options like the seven VSP options and the five SSD VPS options.


  • They have a limited support
  • It does not offer freebies
  • They offer many options for Web Hosting but do not offer domain name service. So this is a limitation of KnownHost


If you have a site that has outgrown its current shared hosting plan and you want a boost in resources and in the level of security offered to your site, KnownHost is your best choice. And if you’ll like a site that has a host of hosting plans from which you can choose, then, KnownHost should be your choice.


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