///Mailigen review

Mailigen review

  • 30 day free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Integration of SMS and email marketing
  • Ability to create online surveys
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • The dynamic content feature allows you to send out targeted marketing campaigns
  • Scalable and flexible premium plans
  • No Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad
  • You can't preview your emails in different formats
  • The email editor also lacks a spam checker and the ability to preview messages prior to sending.
  • Do not provide that much information on customer behavior

MailiGen was founded by Janis Rose and Arturs, visionary that saw something missing in email marketing service providers. With their understanding, they develop email marketing software that has programs that can be easily understood by everyone. They want to aim at offering their customers a top notch email marketing services with tools that can be utilized by almost anyone.

Mailigen Similars

Mailigen vs MailChimp vs getResponse

Price for


Emails per month

A/B Split Testing

Email Autoresponders

Account Users

Google Analytics

API Access

Free Account

Custom Forms


Facebook Ad Campaigns

Instagram Ad Campaigns

Email Designer

Email Templates

Social Share

Surveys Email


Landing pages

Affiliate link

Spam checker



500 subscribes/ mo*



30 day




500 subscribes/ mo*


Multi users


Not accept



1000 subscribes/ mo*



30 day


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What is MailiGen?

MailiGen is an excellent web-based marketing software small business, operations or individual. They offer services that are very affordable and program that has an interface that can be used to meet your clients email marketing needs. It also tries their best to provide personalized services to their customers. In this review, I will be talking about the features of this Email marketing services company. And they are features like prices, customer support.

Mailigen review on Features

Contact Management

Contact is very crucial in Email marketing because communicating with a prospect can determine the success or the failure of your advertisement. Mailigen email marketing services will help you manage your contact in the following ways:

  • Helping you grab contacts from your business website. You can then easily import and export later.
  • This makes the company representatives use the contact from the website by just dragging and dropping it.
  • Help remove unsubscribes mail from your contact lists.
  • Separating of contacts based on location, time, age, and sex.

Mailigen Contact Management

You can also merge contact lists and distinct it based on several parameters. Segregation will be easy based on how the contact has responded to the previous mail or separation.

Email Creation and Sending

Mailigen edit emails using their Email Editor. You will be able to drag and drop the contact and design based on the business you are creating. Mailigen has various templates that you can even edit the more based on your business taste. The company also makes it very easy to make a newsletter template.

Mailigen has various templates

Immediately the email is designed you can convert it to an HTML format. The mail created can be saved and make used of in several other instances. You also have a file manager that helps you manage the image you can use for your mail. And if you have perfected everything concerning the mail, you can then add the contact list you will want to send the message to.

You can select the contact you will want to send the mail to on your list.  Link tracking is pre-installed on the email marketing services to know the activities o your contacts on the mail you sent- How many people opens it, how many spams you got and other necessary details. You can also integrate this email to your social media pages.

Reporting and Tracking

The process of sending mail is not all about the marketing. You need to track the delivery and know if it’s successful or not.  And as a matter of fact, tracking can allow you to determine what your market want, and the time of the day they will likely open your emails. This process gives you golden information about your market. The company, email marketing company, allows you to do this by:

  • You get the report in real time. This makes it possible to track your mail immediately you send them out to your contact.
  • They will provide you with a detail report of the number of emails opened and the amount of bounce back you get.

The company also offers you reports such as unsubscribe users, successfully sent messages and the various email forwarded. They use Google Analytic to determine the conversion rate, to determine the cost of the email compared to the revenue generated. You can export the data into Excel, PDF or Doc Sheets.

The reports such as the devices the users used to open the mail can also be tracked, what this mean is that you can focus your advert on the device most of your users used to open your emails. The browser also indicates the location you are browsing from.

Powerful Integrations and API

Build deeper relationships with your customers. The Mailigen platform connects to CRM systems, blogs, web applications, or e-commerce to provide complete marketing solutions.

Marketing Automation Platform through their emails includes a very strong open API allows you to add & manage contact lists, users, send the campaign, receive data reporting and more!

They have a list of growing integration API, serves thousands of clients involved. From simple synchronization to distribute email campaigns are built, all can be done using their API.

Effective Online Surveys

Get higher response rates with our responsive online surveys. They help you gather valuable insight to send targeted email campaigns, get the feedback to make better decisions, and improve your products and services.

Mailigen Online Surveys

Using an online survey tool is an easy way to gather the feedback you need to segment your subscriber list. Then you can improve your conversion rates by tailoring your marketing messages to each customer segment. They offer you the tools to automatically segment your database for you.

Mailigen Customer Support

If you need the help of the Mailigen customer support, you can just contact them via the help section. Their customer support is very helpful when it comes to guiding you on things to do to get through each step. You can be sure that your business will only grow with the help of Mailigen email marketing company.


They provide their clients the best for their money. This is because their services are cost effective & businesses can send the numbers of emails their subscriber can send with their various plans. Their different pricing plans are stated below:

  • You can have access to their services for free for 30 days. After which you are required to subscribe with $10 every month to use this service.
  • 500 subscribers can be served for $10 monthly.
  • 2500 subscribers are allowed at $25 per month.
  • 5000 subscribers are allowed at $40 monthly.
  • 40000 subscribers are charged at $180 monthly.

The company also offer the plan with a very large list as much as 100,000 subscribers that are priced at $400 monthly. The various prices should take care of the design email, campaign management, and more. The customers that decide to go for a whole year plan can save more than 20 % to have the basic plan as low as $8 monthly instead of $10.


With what I have studied and written about Mailigen in this article along with the comparison table with other similar services. We can see that Mailigen has lower costs, similar features as other popular services. It is a service that new entrepreneurs should use because of its high economics, helping you optimize costs in the business.

However, if they provide a tool to check the spam score before sending the same as above getResponse then it is great.

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