//Top Best Online Logo Design

Top Best Online Logo Design

Today’s online Logo design is no stranger and too difficult for us to the vigorous development of cloud computing along with a lot of Logo Maker App. Online logo design is easier than ever because there are many companies that offer this service. So It is difficult for you to find the service provider that best suits your needs as well as the best cost.

In this article. We will go over the list of online logo design service providers we have researched and selected.

What is Online Logo Design?

If you use traditional design (logo design on computer using applications) then you have to invest in a well-configured computer, graphic design software (pay for copyright them).

In the process of designing logos or images, you have to look for vectors, graphics … these jobs are not easy and sometimes you still have to pay to use them. And of course, it requires you to have the knowledge and artistic creativity.

With online logo design, they provide a huge treasure of vectors, available logo templates. Your job is just to drag and drop color correction and put to use, this job takes very little of your time. When using these applications you will be suggested for ideas and you will get the support from the vendor to have the best product for you.

Best Online Logo Design

Now we’re going to explore the features, pricing, and customer support of the current Logo Maker App vendors on the market.

#1. LogoGarden

Founded in 2011, LogoGarden has provided thousands of customers with over 2 million logos. With huge archives of images, vectors, fonts in all areas of the profession and updated regularly.

LogoGarden Online Logo Design

The flexible drag-and-drop application makes it easy to customize your designs, providing the best variety of online design tools, fonts, colors, and features.

After you finish the logo design, they will create other templates such as website, uniforms and business cards for your company.

LogoGarden Business card - Online Logo Design

If you have never used logo design applications online, you will be satisfied as LogoGarden provides step-by-step, intuitive video tutorials that make it easier for you to create.

They offer free and paid packages for $ 39.99

#2. Logaster

Logaster is a platform that allows customers to create logo online designs based on their existing template libraries.

Just like LogoGarden, they offer customers a free and paid version with very cheap rates from $ 9 to $ 24.

Logaster Online Logo Design

In the free version, you can design your logo online and download it to your computer in small or medium size.

If you want to use high-quality images for use anywhere, then you have to pay $ 9.

In addition to being provided free logo design services online, they also offer other free services such as Business Card Maker, Envelope Maker, Fax Cover Sheet And Letterhead Maker, or Online Favicon Maker.

With cheap cost and good service. Logaster is a great choice for small businesses or startups.

#3. Desighill

Desighill received many 5 star ratings from startups as they also provided customers with a completely free online logo design application.

Desighill Online Logo Design

It is easy to use with professional drag and drop operations and huge library repository with sharp, high-quality images.

Also, with $ 99 you can use their professional logo design services. With this service, you will be allowed to request logo revisions to match, no need to worry about copyright issues, and they also commit to refund if you are not satisfied.

#4. 99design

Similar to LogoWork, 99design offers a wide variety of design services including logo design.

You only need to give 99design the company information, slogan, main color, other requirements … then they will design logo according to your requirements.

99design logo design

The cost to use their services ranges from $ 299 up to $ 1,299. They promise a 100% refund if the design is unsatisfactory or there are issues related to copyright.

#5. LogoWork

In addition to providing logo design services, they also offer other design services such as website, business card, stationery, banner…

With more than 17 years of experience in the graphic design industry, they have provided over 300K logos to over 70k customers worldwide.

LogoWork logo design

However, LogoWork does not provide logo design services online, instead, you will provide information such as company name, slogan, colors, ideas. The next work will be done by their design team, just wait for the results from them.

With a team of experienced designers and creatives, they have created real value for customers in branding and image promotion.

To use their logo design package, you will have to pay a starting fee of $ 299 and you will receive: 4 Design Concepts, 2 designers, 2 revisions, and satisfaction guaranteed.

#6. GraphicSprings

They offer options, free and paid. With the free option, they allow you to use all of their libraries, but the design you get is JPG (it’s not a transparent) with small image quality.

GraphicSprings logo marker app

If you want to use high-quality images in formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF you will be charged a fee of $ 19.99.


So we have listed the best online logo design service providers for you including paid and free. Hope you will use them to design beautiful logos for your brand.

If you know which service is better, leave a comment to help us make this list more complete.

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