///Camera Oppo F3 Plus vs Galaxy C9 Pro Compare

Camera Oppo F3 Plus vs Galaxy C9 Pro Compare

Camera Oppo F3 Plus with Galaxy C9 Pro

Oppo F3 Plus and Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is the main opponent of the phablet segment in large sizes, intermediate price range. The two machines have many similarities both in design and configuration: 6-inch screen Full-HD resolution, 653 Snapdragon processor, 64 GB internal memory, metal body, the same fingerprint sensor and battery 4,000 mAh. Mah The Galaxy C9 Pro has 6GB of RAM, larger than the 4GB of F3 Plus RAM, but also more expensive sale price.


About the camera, the F3 Plus has a 16MP rear camera and two front cameras (16MP normal angle and 8MP wide angle 120 degrees). Meanwhile, Galaxy C9 Pro has two cameras before and after the same 16MP.
Based on the theoretical parameters, camera, and front of the Oppo F3 Plus has many advantages over thanks to the ability to focus the dual phase and have the camera second self-indulgence with a wide angle lens to capture a group of people or get behind the broad landscape.
The snapshot comparison between two machines are using automatic mode or turn on HDR, autofocus, and metering in the same location, taken at equal angles to each other. Each photo was taken 3 sheets, choose the most beautiful places to compare.


The mid-range smartphones of Samsung that TechAPC recently rated as J7 Prime or Galaxy A5 2017 all have a common are common problems is the ability to regenerate poor color white balance is not yet standard. This issue of the C9 Pro was much improved but still exists. Clearly as red gram (car-shaped and bears) looks fresh and flaming up pretty much more than reality, while violet was pale. At this point the Oppo do better, recreates the colors near the reality.

Purple, blue in the image of the C9 Pro lighter than the F3 Plus

Photo details

Both cameras have a 16-megapixel camera but the Galaxy C9 Pro looks more solid and detailed. This is very noticeable when looking at the 100% copper below or the rose above. However, the speed of focus of Oppo F3 Plus is faster due to dual-focus (Dual PDAF) support.
Camera Oppo F3 Plus vs Galaxy C9 Pro Compare Details
Camera Oppo F3 Plus vs Galaxy C9 Pro Compare Details

Brightness and contrast brightness

In complex light conditions (brightness and backlight), F3 Plus performs better. Photos are detailed, depth and not as bright as the Galaxy C9 Pro. With the reverse light background, photo taken of the Oppo maintains reasonable brightness in dark areas, while the bright areas are kept in detail, in contrast to the photos taken from Samsung phones.
Especially in the main and backlit scenes, shots from Oppo’s auto mode and HDR are not significantly different. In other words, the processed images look very much like HDR images. For the C9 Pro, the HDR image improves the brightness.

Lack of light

In the environment lack of light, Oppo F3 Plus continues to better pictures C9 Pro. Photo taken from the phone has the sharpness and ability to express more clearly the details, dealing with a more evenly balanced light spectrum. Oppo phone focus faster and better anti-vibration C9 Pro. The overall picture from F3 Plus depth and clear than C9 Pro.

Photo Self

The Oppo F3 Plus has the advantage of two front cameras, allowing the user to change the angle between the normal and wide shooting angle shooting. In actual use, we found that many people enjoyed the wide angle camera of this phone because can capture many scenes and people, create fancy perspective than usual.
The “main” camera on both the F3 Plus and the C9 Pro has a resolution of 16 megapixels, but the Oppo is a bit sharper. Photos from the C9 Pro are the same as on the A5 and A7 2017, always have the effect “delete the font”, ie the photographer and the distant scene will always be blurred than nearby people. This is a lens effect, not a software lens, so it’s more realistic than the F3 Plus mode. However, when shooting many people, the image that everyone looks like on F3 Plus may be more popular.
Both smartphones have many modes to beautify the photographer, such as big eyes, light skin and more smooth … In the average level of beauty, both natural beauty spots are for a smartphone is not too virtual.


Is the smartphone focus on photography, in fact, F3 Plus is better than the C9 Pro in most situations and needs shooting. Oppo’s phone is superior to the lack of brightness, and the wide-angle camera itself offers plenty of flexibility and interesting viewing angles. The C9 Pro only marginally better at the details when taking pictures during the day, but as such is not sufficient to bring the full experience.

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