///Sendinblue review

Sendinblue review

  • Free plan
  • Offers SMS campaigns
  • Responsive customer service
  • Easy to use templates
  • API Documentation details
  • WebHook Integrated
  • Multiple plugins
  • No Third-party contact import integration
  • No Spam Checker
  • Account set-up can be confusing
  • Surveys Integrated

SendinBlue provides a reliable and easy marketing platform. Although created in 2012, this company has several offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. It offers services to more than 50,000 users worldwide and sends more than 30 million SMS a day. There are more than 50 professional workers that make up the team. Hence, if qualifies to be called one of the best email marketing systems in the world. This article will give a SendInblue review. In other words, we will review what this platform has to offer.

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SendinBlue review on Features

Email Advertisements

It has an application which serves as an intuitive editor of newsletters. With this, you can make the design of your emails without technical requirements. You can visit and make use the gallery. Here, you will have access to varieties of templates. From these options, you are to choose the models that you like and would suit the product theme.

Choose and customize an e-mail template to easily create a great newsletter. You can also create email marketing campaign and follow up this email marketing campaign effectively and without stress. In addition, the platform editor automatically optimizes the result for all devices: mobiles, tablets or computers.

Effective Advertisements

It offers comprehensive options for custom content. In other words, you can customize your emails based on your contacts and try to increase responsiveness. You can also preview your inbox before making any submissions. This option allows you to test and optimize the advertisement before sending it.

Improve your contact base

It offers good tools to improve and optimize your database. You can use advanced targeting. Filter your contacts based on behavioral, social and demographic criteria. In this way, you can offer the products according to the interests and possibilities of the subscribers.

You can regroup contacts in folders and lists for better organization and quick subsequent searches. Choose criteria to organize your lists and it is an automated option.

SendInblue Contact Import

However, SendInblue don’t third-party contact import integration, it just only imports contact from TXT, CSV

Thread Tools

SendinBlue subscription forms

The SendinBlue platform has subscription forms. Easier to improve the database because it has customizable subscription forms. Choose the designs that best fit your content and products. The number of contacts can be unlimited. The platform has options to expand its database and use it without restrictions.

Your advertisement can be modified in real time

You have the possibility to obtain the statistics of almost anything: visits and time of the visit, among others. Observe the results in real time. Share and send detailed reports of your advertisements in different formats such as PDF and CSV.

Other options

You have the ability to observe and record the location of the apertures and clickers. You can get information on the things that most react to your contacts by making averages. By getting the information of the things that most interest your contacts you can later modify your newsletter.

Additionally, you can receive detailed information by device and courier service. Gather information on the trends and habits of your contacts and then analyze them.


SendinBlue is an expert on optimal deliveries. It allows you to make sure your account creation messages, order confirmation, etc. They reach the recipients’ inbox. You can easily store the entire history of your transactional e-mails and SMS and then look for it if necessary.

Good reputation

A practical tool is reputation control. Track shipments and their IPs on ISPs and anti-spam services. It will have signatures and authentications. You can also customize your signatures SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to authenticate your emails with your domain safely. This will avoid problems when sending emails to contacts and not be receiving them.


The platform has a great variety of tools that will allow you to work in the area of digital marketing. It is very economical compared to other platforms.

Some negative reviews

SendinBlue does not offer as much assistance in support as some other platforms. If you want to ask questions or make calls, they will not be answered immediately. You will even have to pay extra charges. SendinBlue users have some limitations when they want to establish larger marketing strategies.

The platform is limited to sending mail only. The publisher assigns much less effort in the continuous improvement of their services, such as the ability to deliver messages. Corporations like MailChimp are more intuitive.


SendInblue prices

SendInblue pricing vary and depend on the movement you have between yourself and your contacts:


  • 0 USD / month: 9,000 emails / month.
  • Unlimited contacts


  • $ 7.37 / month: 40,000 e-mails / month.
  • Unlimited contacts
  • No daily limit for your marketing submissions


  • $ 39 / month: 60,000 emails / month.
  • Unlimited contacts
  • No daily limit for your marketing submissions
  • Remove the SendinBlue logo
  • Advanced Statistics


  • $ 66 / month: 120,000 emails / month.
  • Unlimited contacts
  • No daily limit for your marketing submissions
  • Remove the SendinBlue logo
  • Advanced Statistics


Through this sendInblue review, one should now have the knowledge about the basic features of sendInblue. In other words, what it offers, its reputation as well as how to subscribe to it with full knowledge of sendInblue pricing.

However, it is the best service or not you can find out more services like Mailchimp, getResponse, Campaigner … to have the most general view for your selection.


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