///SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup Review

  • Backup up to five machines and devices
  • Android and iPhone applications
  • Backup external and network drives
  • Local backup
  • Intuitive interface
  • It allows you to share files through links.
  • Fastest online backup services
  • Overall a little expensive
  • no File Explorer integration
  • no free or unlimited accounts
  • No monthly payment available

SOS Online Backup is a tool that provides online backup coupled with amazing backup speed, features, and tools that continue to set it apart anytime, any day.

SOS online also has a very high level of security and privacy, much more than what most of their competitors offer, along with great features like the ability to wipe and locate devices, perform the remote backup, and throttle bandwidth use to the level you want it.

It is also capable of saving all versions of your files forever. Yes, you read that right. Forever. Most tools only offer versions that end at the end of the month.

SOS does not limit the speed of its connections, instead, it sets a limit for the number of MB/GB that can be uploaded by a user on a daily basis. This method is not proper. Bandwidth throttles are not only there so that ISP data caps can be obeyed; they are there to guard against the risk of overwhelming the other applications that make use of the internet, and by not limiting the speed of their connections, they make things extremely difficult.

SOS Online Backup Similars

Join SOS Online Backup?

All you need to do is enter an account email and password. Your encryption key is kept safe on SOS Online’s servers, or two more ultra-security choices used by SOS, like the UltraSafe and UltraSafe Max. Both of these mean that staff of SOS won’t have been able to access your encryption key, but the latter requires a kind of password to access it that has never been sent to the server.

UltraSafe Max allows you to use a separate passphrase from your normal account password to decrypt files.

When restoring from a local backup, SOS allows you to choose between restoring to a local backup or restoring to a different location entirely. You are also allowed to choose the files you intend to restore.


The amazing features that SOS offer are not cheap considering the fact that SOS is one of the more expensive online backup options but you can be sure that they’ll deliver on the promises made in their description.

Recently, SOS moved from the unlimited plan it was on before to a new tiered storage plan:

  • 50 GB for $4.99 /month or $44.99 /year ($3.75 /month)
  • 100 GB for $7.99 /month or $79.99 /year ($6.25 /month)
  • 150 GB for $9.99 /month or $99.99 /year ($8.33 /month)
  • 250 GB for $12.99 /month or $129.99 /year ($10.83 /month)
  • 500 GB for $20.99 /month or $199.99 /year ($16.67 /month)
  • 1 TB for $39.99 /month or $399.99 /year ($33.33 /month)
  • 5 TB for $159.99 /month or $1,599.99 /year ($133.33 /month)
  • 10 TB for $299.99 /month or $2,999.99 /year ($250.00 /month)

While SOS Online Backup has no free account, the existence of a free trial account allows you to check out the tool for 15 days to decide if it’s the right fit. It does not even require a credit card.


SOS is undoubtedly the leader in terms of speedy service but it also offers the kind of security that cannot be breached.

Web Client

SOS has an intuitive interface allows you to see usage stats, backup activity, and lets you download your files that are stored away in the cloud storage.

The search function provided by SOS is very effective, fast and thorough. Asides these, SOS allows you to share files through email, but it won’t allow you to view your photos, play music or watch videos, something all their competitors allow.

The web interface is not just something used to access data; its functions extends beyond that to include the kind of features that aid the active monitoring of the devices that are backed up.The commands entered to run a backup, or to initiate an of the upgrade of the tool itself can be either sent to devices on their own or they can be sent massively en masse.The SOS also has a “wipe device” command that clears the device on the instruction of the owner of the device.

Pros and Cons


  • Android and iPhone applications
  • It has one of the fastest online backup services.
  • Interesting features like social media backup
  • Files and file versions that you send to the archive are never deleted.
  • Backup external and network drives.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • It allows you to share files through links.
  • It has a local backup.


  • The continuous protection it provides is limited to individual files.
  • Overall a little expensive.
  • It has no free or unlimited accounts.
  • It has no File Explorer integration.

SOS Online Backup vs LiveDrive vs IDrive

Monthly Price

Average Upload Speed

Average Download Speed

Free Trial

Free Storage

Mobile Apps

File Versioning

Keep Deleted Files

File Sync

Public File Sharing

Encrypted Storage

Personal Encryption

Free External HD Backup

Backup Scheduling

Exclude File Extensions

Social Backup

Music Streaming

Web Access

Data Center



7.5 Mbps

21 Mbps

5 GB

Android, iOS, Windows Phone



SOS Online


11.4 Mbps

40 Mbps

Android, iOS


Multiple (US, UK...)



3.5 Mbps

28.1 Mbps

Android, iOS, Windows

30 day




8 Mbps

18 Mbps

Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian

30 day



Sos Online Backup with IDrive are the two services that I love and have used them. With fast speed, high flexibility, excellent security, and easy to use. I firmly believe that this is the right choice for every business or individual to ensure data security. Although prices in some packages are quite high.


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