///SugarSync Review

SugarSync Review

  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Symbian and Android
  • Saves up to five previous versions of files
  • Popular ones include WritePDF, Xendo, Kloudless, and Cumulo
  • Storage space is computed according to just a single file version
  • Files in-transit and at-rest are secured via TLS and 256-bit AES encryption
  • The desktop and mobile device apps are easy to use
  • No real-time collaboration
  • No free account tier
  • No private encryption key for online backups
  • Requires payment when signing up

SugarSync cloud storage service is fully functional and very affordable for your important documents and files. The need of a personal user is always different from business owners. No matter how small your business is, there are important papers and records you will want to be kept safe. And not all cloud storage can offer you that; you will need to get very efficient and secure cloud storage. This is even more important when it contains the sensitive information of your clients and customers. That’s why SugarSyncone of the best choice for the business owner. The review below will show why we come to this conclusion.

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What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a top cloud storage provider in the world. The company has a lot of features to keep your documents and files very safe. SugarSync was founded in 2008 and has their headquarters in California USA.  If you think you still need to know more about this great company, you can read more about them on the company website. You can also follow them on social media because they have a lot of active accounts across the social media.  Instead of been pushy in their sales, they post a lot of content that will benefit you as business owners and as individuals.

The Pricing Plan

SugarSync review pricing

This company offers you a free trial, but you must input your credit card or PayPal details first. This may constrain a lot of people from trying their service out, because of a lot of scam website out there. The first plan starts from $9.99 monthly for 100GB of cloud storage space.

The second plan which is $24.99 with a cloud storage space of 250GB or better still a plan of $39.99 with storage that is up to 500GB.

You can also pay for a year plan, and save you enough cost in the long run.

Also, stick with their free account, but you will only get 5 GIG of storage which will not back up more than a few photos and files.

What do You gain from the SugarSync?

SugarSync provides you with all you need to backup your files and restores them. This company does not restrict you to some files you can backup; the only limitation is the plan you.

What do You gain from the SugarSync?

Synchronized Storage

You can choose to back up a file, and folders. Then you start by selecting the right parameter to backup the documents. After the initial backup which may be days depending on the size of the files. SugarSync will backup all the files you select. Your data will be stored on a cloud server, but SugarSync installs links on your desktop to allow you to easily upload files documents.

The drive is known as “Magic Briefcase,” which will be added to a folder under the document, which is similar to drop box. You can ensure those files do not get changed by placing them on the Achieve folders. This will not allow those files to update automatically. You can get the deleted files from the SugarSync Deleted Files folder, where you can get them restored unless you have removed them permanently. With SugarSync, your mind is at rest that your files will not be deleted permanently, in a case of any mistake.

Password-restricted Access

The password will allow you to have the number of people accessing the SugarSync account and keep your files safe from an outsider in your organization. The SugarSync account makes sending file very easy. And instead of you attaching a large file like videos, all you need to send an invitation link that will allow the person to have access to the files. You can also share your files with people via social media through this sharing mode provided by SugarSync cloud storage.

Your files are transferred securely using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and are stored in the cloud in an encrypted format using 256-bit AES – the same level of protection used for online financial transactions

Mobile Devices

SugarSync Work on most Mobile Devices

The SugarSync is compatible with most mobile from phones, tablets, Blackberry and Smartphone’s; You can also make use of any browser. This allows you to get most work done on you account when you are not on the system. Their App on most devices lets you send files with one touch, and most of this mobile have the app installed in no time.

The Upside

They have a very Simple Interface

The SugarSync desktop app allows you to have access to most of the Cloud storage features. The cloud tab allows you to view most files saved on the account, and you can have those files downloaded by just clicking on them. The drag-and-drop Features enable the uploading of the documents to be stress-free, You will be able to view all the files they have shared to you under the share section. He Activity Tab allows you to vie the recent changes on the Cloud storage folder.

Your data is much secured

SugarSync makes sure your files do not get deleted permanently in case of any error. It will be stored in the Sugarsync folder for you to restore them.

Unlimited Space for storage

SugarSync does not restrict you from uploading any file you want to store on their cloud storage. As far you are within the storage limit you purchased you don’t need to worry about the files to upload.

Its Mobile Compatible

You can access the files on your account with easy scrolling on your mobile with their app.

Very easy to Share a file

Very easy to Share a file

SugarSync enables you to share documents you stored on your SugarSync account. You won’t need to attach large files when you want to send a file, all you need do is post a link that will allow them to access those files. This makes the process of sharing files and document very fast and efficient. All of this will only require some clicks.

The Downside

No plans with free storage

SugarSync does not offer free storage for individuals because after 90 days you will need to upgrade to the paid plan. If you are looking for free cloud storage, SugarSync will not offer you that. But other company offers that for free, with no expired date.

The Storage for Individual is Limited

They don’t give priority to individual users. These plans will not be enough for you if you want to store large videos.

Final Thought

SugarSync is a particular company that will provide businesses and organization the required features to store and keeps their files and documents safes. Below are the various features of the SugarSync:

  • You can share a file to the public through a link
  • You can set a personal security to restrict access to your files
  • The interface is very easy to access
  • The price is competitive compared to their various features
  • Their business package provide unlimited storage

In a nutshell, SugarSync offers cloud storage for individual and businesses. The various features allow your files to be stored safely at an excellent price. If you need a cloud storage that will save your document, SugarSync is what I will recommend.

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