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Surface Pro 5 2017 Review

  • Ease of use
  • Fast and responsive
  • Battery life is really good
  • Screen resolution is crisp and bright
  • Expandable storage with a micro SD card
  • USB port
  • It gets a little warm after a while

At the recent event in Shanghai (China). Microsoft launches next-generation Surface Study in the style of Apple, the company called this “Surface Pro“, instead of specific numbers. Some suggested that the company did not name it because the new Surface Pro did not own any bright updates.

Surface Pro

What’s new in Surface Pro 5?

While many expect it to be called Surface Pro 5, the company simply called Surface Pro. Looking outside, it’s quite similar to the Surface Pro 4. Although, it has 800 improvement points, according to Microsoft Surface Product Development team leader Panos Panay.

Surface Pro 4

What difference with Surface Pro 4?

One of the upgrades of the products is the Intel chip line Kaby Lake 7th generation with fanless heatsink design on an M3 core and core i5. This design helps machine has been the amount of time the battery up to 13.5 hours, 1.5 times the previous generation. A used chips core i7-while-still has the fan.

Kaby Lake 7th

Similar to the sample Surface Laptop launched recently, Microsoft is committed to improving the battery when in sleep mode. This means that users can confidently fold and open multiple times without wasting battery. This is what each made many people complaining from the Surface Pro 4.

LTE connectivity, microSIM, and eSIM support

For the first time, Microsoft has a version using LTE connectivity, microSIM, and eSIM support. The company does not publish pricing information and specific release dates for this release.

It use a 12.3-inch screen with screen PixelSense technology improvements, resolution (2,736 x 1,824 pixels). According to Microsoft, this is the lightest Surface (1.25 kg) ever launched. In the back, the machine has an 8-megapixel camera, front 5 megapixels, Full HD video recording capability.



Microsoft retains the open angle of 165 degrees screen as previous generations, enabling users almost flat-folding machine with rear brackets. However, the hinge of the base has been improved: When the user folds too much, it will not be broken.

This product also delivers better sound experience thanks to Omnisonic speakers, support Dolby Audio Premium.

Surface Pen

Surface Pen

It not included in your box as before. It sold at a price of US $99. This model is compatible with the previous generation of Surface but only promote the best ability when using new generation Surface Pro. This Pen has the ability to tilt sensor to regulate the virtual ink in the best way.



Unfortunately, the new Surface Pro does not have a USB-C port. Machines only have Surface connector ports, USB, and mini DisplayPort. Users can also purchase the Surface Dock, support connecting 2 monitors 4K with 4 USB ports.


Surface Keyboard

Just like with Surface Laptop, Microsoft uses the material Alcantara for Surface Pro’s keyboard. Platinum color keyboard, red burgundy, blue cobalt will be sold separately at a price of US $159. A Type of Black Cover, do not use the material Alcantara cost $129.

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