//Top Best Keyboards 2017 Under $150

Top Best Keyboards 2017 Under $150

The demand for mechanical keyboards (keyboard for Computer) is increasing. However, Not everyone has the knowledge to choose the best keyboards between many keyboards as today.

Features to divide the main types of the mechanical keyboard is the Switch (Elastic mechanism of the buttons). There are three basic types of Switches: Red, Blue, Brown. There are also Switches made by self-made manufacturers such as Razer’s Green and Orange.

What’s different on the keyboards?

Switch Blue is dedicated to the office, often text editing. The Blue switch featured are Clicky audio and users can feel a small sound during keystrokes.

In contrast to Blue, the Red switch offers a smooth, smooth experience. Specialized for gamers, so the Red switch does not create any clicks or jerky feelings. It helps to increase focus for players or for people who are allergic to strange sounds.

The hybrid between the two types switches Brown has brought the feeling of small clicky as Blue as well as the softness of Red. This is the right choice between Red and Blue. It’s for those who prefer quiet, not clicky but want a good feel pressure control.

Top Best Keyboards

Corsair K63R

Corsair is a brand from the US, quite well known in the field of PC equipment manufacturing. To contribute to this list is a product called K63R

Corsair K63R - Top Best Keyboards

The Corsair K63R has only one choice: the Red switch from Cherry, a German switch manufacturer. Ten key less (TLK-no numeric keypad). So it is quite compact, convenient for many moving needs.

The backlight is unique to red and has a variety of brightness effects. The Corsair K63R comes with a full range of media keys that support the need for music and movies. There is also a mode of gaming mode, which allows the player to lock the Windows key, avoiding false positives that lead to the exit of the application while playing.

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GSkill KM570

Gskill KM570 is a product of Gskill, a brand from Taiwan. This brand is famous for RAM like Sniper or Ripjaws. Now Gskill continues to grow in the field of mechanical keyboards and it has received attention from users.

Gskill KM570 - Top Best Keyboards

Also use the Cherry switch, but this product offers all three options Red, Blue, Brown depending on the needs. The keyboard is full of all the keys, but the difference is neat due to the design is very thin. Backlight in red monochrome.

Gskill KM570 - Top Best Keyboards

Key chain assignment is performed directly on the product. Suitable for gamers who often use keystrokes for Combo, or for office workers using shortcuts. The setup process is simple. Just press the MR (Macro) key then select the key combination and assign it to a key. This greatly reduces the use of leverage.

In addition, the KM570 also features Gaming Mode, which automatically adjusts the light directly with the function keys.

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TT eSport Meka Pro

Another brand also comes from Taiwan, TT eSport specializes in manufacturing equipment for electronic sports bring to products called Meka Pro. This keyboard has a simple design in black and red. It is standard size, full of both number keys and multimedia keys.

TT eSport Meka Pro 2

Meka Pro has only one option is the Blue switch of Cherry. Manufactured to target users who want a truly mechanical keyboard experience.

Macro key assignments are done directly through the function keys, which simplifies the operation and is suitable for first-time users of the mechanical keyboard.

TT eSport Meka Pro

Meka Pro has a monochrome LED system, the red color is very beautiful. Besides the ability to set the light on each the keyboard wall, it also has a light mode dedicated to game genres such as FPS, MMO, MOBA, RTS to better support players.

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Logitech G Pro

The Logitech brand is familiar to users, from keyboard products, computer mice, or webcam lines. In the field of computer keyboards, Logitech is popular with models G610, G413, G310, G810. However, G Pro is considered to be the most dominant of their models.

Logitech G Pro - Top Best Keyboards

The product is minimalist, square and compact. TKL format makes the keyboard easy to navigate. Although TKL but G Pro is still full of multimedia movies. The cable is covered with a load-bearing fabric and an anti-jamming layer. The connector has two rubber hooks that help fix the cord very well. This is also the only product in Top Best Keyboards with RGB backlighting, which displays a variety of colors, giving a wider variety of lighting effects.

G Pro uses Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G switch. This gives the user a smooth, typing experience. In addition, Logitech provides software that enables customers to customize the color, effects, keyboard shortcuts directly on the software.

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Razer BlackWindow Ultimate

“For the gamer, by gamer” is Razer’s slogan. It claims this brand was born exclusively for professional gamers. Razer products are known for the price of the product is very expensive but comes with it is good quality.

Razer Black Window Ultimate - Top Best Keyboards

At the bottom of Best Keyboards under $150 is Black Window Ultimate, which is the cheapest keyboard that Razer offers in the market. From canning to design overview, it shows something very gamer, healthy and strong.

The product uses Razer’s exclusive Green Switch, which is optimized from Cherry’s Blue Switch but has fastness up to 60 million clicks per key. The company also offers the Orange switch option, which combines Brown and Red for a smoother Green switch experience. Black Window Ultimate has a full keyboard layout with a USB port and 3.5 mm audio.

Monochrome LED backlight, green with customizable effects made directly on the Razer Synapse software. Only once for user login can sync his custom for a lot of devices.

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Above is the Top Best Keyboards synthesis. I hope the features that I have listed along with the structure of the keyboard series will give you an overview and choose the best keyboard for you.

If you have any product suggestions for Best Keyboards, leave a comment to help us improve it.

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