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Top Best Seo Tools

Are you looking for solutions to promote your website to Google Top? A complete plan, how to create quality backlinks, or get more traffic to your website. All that matters is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this article, we will list the best SEO tools for you.

However, Before going on listing the best SEO tools, we will go to learn some concepts related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A. What are some basic SEO concepts?

What are Keyword Plans?

You will fail if you do not have a good keyword plan. Your site will not be able to go to Google Top, and customers will not know who you are, which means you can not sell products… Each article, let a product posted on the site, requires you to have one or several keywords related to that content. We must also know the keyword is attractive or not, competitiveness to what extent. How many competitors are using this keyword to do SEO? If you choose the right keywords, then your article is good and good SEO Onpage, surely in a short time you will be Google darling and show priority on search results. Through keyword planning, we will know the needs of the market and select the best targeted keywords.

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What is SEO OnPage?

SEO OnPage is one of the very important concepts in SEO.  OnPage is understood as the optimization of the website display so that the website becomes more friendly with the search engine.

Seo Onpage is the process of optimizing the form, content, and structure of the pages in the website so that more detail to help your site become more friendly with the search engines.

Imagine that the Google bot is an online tool that traverses websites and collects by textual information, It does not understand the content of the site, so it will adopt the following criteria to see title topics such as Keywords Density, Title Tag, Meta Description, Alt Text, and URL…

What are Backlinks?

What is Backlink? The backlink is a link back, it is a link in a form of a link from another website to your website, specifically Backlink it is a form when you place a link on another website pointing to your website are based on the Anchor Text. When you click on that link it will lead us to the right landing page that links your link shown.

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B. Top Best Seo Tools

And now, we will go to find out top best Seo tools will help you make good for SEO.

#1. Moz Pro

Founded in 2004, they are one of the leading companies in the field of SEO, beginning with the advisory of SEO related issues. In 2007 they launched Moz Pro, a professional SEO application that helps thousands of businesses and customers successfully develop their website.

This toolkit includes features such as keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights.

Create a web analytics campaign
Create a web analytics campaign
Report problems via email
Report problems via email
Moz optimization insights
List the details of the problem and how to fix it

Currently, they are serving nearly 38k customers around the world with over 1,800k keyword search queries.

To use this application you pay $ 99 per month (standard package) with 5 campaigns, 300 Tracked Keyword Rankings, 100,000 Crawled Pages/Week, and 5 Keyword Reports/Day.

In addition, You can try It free in 30 days.

Price: $99 per month

#2. OnPage – Best Seo Tools

When it comes to the best SEO tools, it’s impossible not to mention OnPage. OnPage is a powerful site evaluation toolkit. Used as a rating criterion in the famous SEO support plugin like YOAST SEO of WordPress. This toolkit helps you to check website data, list errors, score for each page.

best SEO tools - Onpage.org

You can schedule a scheduled check or manual check.

Once it has been analyzed, it will list the criteria that have been met and the errors to fix, how many broken links are there, missing ALT images or the missing Title in A tag …

best SEO tools Onpage score

Through this analysis, you get an overview of SEO and improve your skills.

In addition, it integrates a set of keyword evaluation tools, sees how it’s ranking on Google, compared to competitors in terms of rankings.

best SEO tools add keyword onpage.org

Price: $119.90 per month

#3. KWFinder

I used to use them every day, before preparing to write an article. It helps me get ideas on keywords, the hard level of a keyword, rival analysis. The operations are easy to use, and search queries are returned quickly.

KWFinder best Seo Tools

If you are a blogger or product reviewer you should use KWFinder. In addition to receiving the results of the analysis, through which you can also improve the knowledge of keyword analysis for yourself.

With a cost of $ 12 per month you can use KWFinder for the following:

  • Easily Find Long Tail Keywords
  • Find search volume on any keyword
  • Find SEO difficulty to rank a keyword
  • Find search volume for local keywords (city, state, and country levels)
  • Change languages for keyword research

Just like Moz Pro, they offer a free plan for user trial.

Price: $12 per month

#4. SEMrush

If talking about the best SEO tools, SEMrush is also one of them. Founded in 2008, at first only a small group of SEO and IT professionals. They are now the leading research services provider in the world in the field of online marketing. Their goal is to create fair and transparent competition, as well as equal opportunity for everyone in the online marketing world.

With over 9 years of experience, they have served over 1 million customers, more than 800k keywords and over 130 million domain names in the world. With these figures, we can see the prestige as well as their influence. Customer metrics indicate that they are a reputable and quality company.

Their system provides services such as keyword report analysis, keyword research, competitors, number average monthly keyword searches, as well as the number of backlinks.

Keywords Ideal - SEMrush - Best SEO Tools

Powerful tools for SEO planning such as Estimate keyword difficulty, compare your domain and competitors, suggest keywords.

Starting with $ 99 you are allowed to use:

  • 10k results per report
  • 3000 reports per day
  • 500 Keywords to track
  • 100 000 Pages to crawl
  • 500 SEO Ideas Units
  • 50 Social media profiles
  • 5 Scheduled PDF reports

Price: $99 per month

#5. SpyFu

SpyFu helps you gather massive data from competing opponents, through which you will be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and find solutions to overcome them. You can also use the data provided by SpyFu to learn from the mistakes of the enemy. Help your site have to high score on the PR rankings.

It allows you to know all the enemy data in useful reports, you can label with the company logo and other information related to the company.

SpyFu is a tool to help you find out more about PPC and SEO campaigns. Helps you create a successful SEO strategy for your business, especially in PPC campaigns.

Price: $33 per month

#6. AWR Cloud

It is a very powerful SEO application today. AWR has proven to customers the quality and value of their money spent using their app.

AWR Cloud - Best SEO Tools

It is a very powerful SEO application. AWR has proven to customers see the value of money spent using their app.

They are appreciated by providing features like:

  • Track ranking allows users to view accurate rankings, monitor strong competition.
  • Localization: Get through the local search bias and report it easily, no matter where your business is based.
  • Analytics data helps customers traffic statistics, detailed analysis of traffic sources, streamlining client optimization, and SEO.
  • SEO audits help you to eliminate all technical issues that can cause your site not to be crawled accurately by the search engines.
  • Social Media is like Google Analytics, it helps you measure the social exposure of your site and your competitors on the top five platforms monitored by the AWR Cloud.

Price: $49 per month

#7. Longtail

The cheapest cost in the top best SEO Tools, with only $ 25 to use this toolkit with features similar to the other tools introduced above.

When starting with the Starter package of LongTail you are allowed to use:

  • 10,000 keyword searches/month
  • Keyword Competitiveness Score & Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Keyword Profitability with New Rank Value Feature
  • Get Custom Keyword Difficulty Recommendations for Your Domain
  • FREE Access to Long Tail Bootcamp ($127 in Value)

Price: $25 per month

#8. Ahrefs

Not only powerful in creation and management of backlink, Ahrefs also provides many solutions for SEO, helping to position your site better and more friendly in the search engine.

Ahrefs provides tools to improve your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your position.  Ahrefs help you find out why your competitors rank high and what you need to do to outrun them.

With a huge number of customers and domain names, they are a global service provider of solutions such as:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • Content Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Web Monitoring

Price: $99 per month

#9. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl - Best Seo Tools

They don’t focus on SEO as simply (Seo Onpage, OffPage), they focus on the architecture of the system, detecting deviations on the site through tools such as:

  • Monitor helps clients manage the site frequently anywhere
  • Architecture helps customers know how to craft an SEO friendly site and meet the W3C standards
  • Panda: Check the quality, the weak points on the site
  • Penguin: Suggested solutions to problems and penalties

Also support tools for SEO techniques such as:

  • UX: Offering Optimal and Improved SEO Solutions
  • Competitors: Compare and analyze opponents through which to find solutions to competition and overcome opponents

Price: $79 per month

#10. Link Research Tools

LinkResearchTools is a collection of the most powerful set of tools for SEO and can be said to be one of the best SEO tools available today.

It provides you with complete and highly reputable solutions, boosting your website’s rankings and improving PR indexes on Google.

Integrate new technology solutions into their tools to help you build an impact on the world of the Internet and help you accomplish tasks like:

  • Build high-quality links
  • Clean bad backlinks
  • Recover FAST from a Google penalty
  • Monitor your backlink profile
  • Do advanced competitor analysis
  • Check link building opportunities and
  • Keep your online business safe from the dangers of negative SEO.

Price: 299 Euro (~$354) per month

#11. Majestic

Majestic - Best SEO Tools

Majestic specializes in providing SEO solutions, is one of the leading companies in this field and growing. Just like the companies I introduced earlier, Majestic provides customers with solutions and best SEO tools such as:

  • Analyze keywords, select potential keywords for your site, analyze directly which competitors are influencing you and help you find a solution that excels.
  • Build quality backlinks to your website from sites with high PR ratings.
  • With a team of many experts in the field of SEO, they will help you optimize your website so that it is more search engine friendly, error control and remediation solution.

Price: $49 per month

C. Conclusion

I have introduced to you the list of the best SEO tools today. I hope through this article will help you find the right SEO tool for your needs.
Leave a review for these tools and help us rank them. Or if you have suggestions about another SEO tool, please let us know.

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