//Top Websites to Buy Backlinks

Top Websites to Buy Backlinks

What is Backlink? The backlink is a link back, it is a link in a form of a link from another website to your website, specifically Backlink it is a form when you place a link on another website pointing to your website are based on the Anchor Text. When you click on that link it will lead us to the right landing page that links your link shown. Therefore, when building a website we often want to develop quality backlinks or buy backlinks.

Creating a backlink is relatively simple, but in SEO, a simple backlink is not enough to increase your SEO efficiency, sometimes you need hundreds, thousands of Backlink to ensure the efficiency of work, This is a difficult element in building Backlink for your website.

Sometimes only a small amount of Backlink quality is worth more than hundreds of Backlink normal, but to get Backlink quality is not easy, sometimes have to spend a large amount of money to buy from big websites.

If you want to know from where to buy backlinks, you can visit these sites and get the required amount of links for your niche sites.

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How to build quality Backlink?

Backlink building is extremely simple, you only need to post on the forum, comment link on the article others website, in the signature, in personal information, submit website on social networking… but to have one quality backlinks and valuable backlink for your website you need to have a plan, a campaign scale to be able to fight their opponents.

Google is very smart to understand what you are doing, and Google’s algorithms will handle your website at any time if you build links indiscriminately.

Backlink quality is evaluated based on the criteria:

  • Your web link is placed on websites with high Pagerank, high prestige (based on DA, PA index)
  • Website has the same content, the same topic related to your website
  • Website “Link out” as little as possible, and not linked to the site banned by Google
  • Natural backlink, backlink dofollow

Some ways to build backlink bring high efficiency:

  • Develop a satellite site system with the same content, and give links to the main website
  • Put the link in the signature and write articles in forums, blogs meet the criteria above
  • Submit website to the popular Web Directories
  • You can buy links on site prestige high
  • Diversify anchor text of keywords, related keywords
  • Distribute evenly between the number of backlink nofollow and dofollow

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Top websites to buy Backlinks

Now we are going to find out the high prestige providers that you can buy backlinks for your website.

#1. Links management

Buy Backlinks Links Management

Easy to use, it supports you run campaigns that create backlinks on websites that have PR 1 until PR 8. You can adjust the total number of backlinks you want to create per month, the number of backlinks for a month. Clear, easy-to-use reporting mode helps you manage which backlinks are linked on which sites, how much PR.

Buy Backlinks Links Management Choosen Pagelink

They list the way sites are in the backlinks they manage and you can choose which pages you want to put backlinks. They say the links are set manually. If these things still do not make you satisfied or doubt their service. You can read their reviews on many websites

#2. Black Hat Links

They provide you with prestige backlinks from social networking sites that have a large fan base and are relevant to your site content. Also, backlinks are offered on sites with very high PR like Wiki, Web 2.0, and comment on big forums.

All backlinks are permanent with a one-time payment. No monthly rental costs, and Unlimited URLs/Keywords

Buy backlinks on Black Hat Links

Depending on your financial needs, you can select each service package that they offer, or individually select each of the backlinks that you consider necessary.

And similar to other services. Black Hat Links allow you to setup time as total backlinks per 1 week or month to ensure that these backlinks are completely natural and not spam.

#3. Back Links

This is one of the most popular and prestige websites to buy quality backlinks. They have over 10 years of experience in building prestige backlinks. You can use your credit or debit card to buy backlinks, and if you want, you can also use a PayPal account.

Buy backlinks on BackLinks.com

You can hand-pick the pages on which you want your links, or automate your link building with “Link Queues”. And stop paying for bad links with regular monitoring and automatic link replacement.

Backlinks allow you to buy backlinks to grow your site, and vice versa when your website grows, you can also come back it to sell quality backlinks to those who need to buy later.

If you want to increase your website rankings then Backlink is a good service that you should not ignore.

#4. Post Links

PostLinks is an innovative link building system that helps website owners easily create a number of backlinks from high-quality publishers and really want their links. Both advertisers and publishers enjoy a high-quality advertising system without spam, no auctions, and no sneaky search engine tricks. These are real links on real web pages with real content.

So you can rest assured that your links are managed in a way that is not viewed by Google as the fraud.

#5. Links Panel

The same as Back Links (# 3), Black Hat Links (# 2), or Post Links (# 4). LinksPanel.com provides a simple interface for webmasters to buy text links or rent ad space on their websites.

The strengths of this form of help users manage the backlinks will be linked to their site, know in advance the site they want to buy reputable backlinks or not, how many PR scores.

#6. Fiverr

Buy backlinks on Fiverr

Fiverr is a multi-niche web system, where you can buy and sell a lot of things, including the purchase of backlinks.

With a variety of providers, only $ 5 you can completely buy thousands of backlinks. However, I advise you not to buy backlinks from the cheap $ 5 provider because I have used it and the results that I get are being handled by Google.

You should not look for cheap providers to buy backlinks because they will create backlinks for your site from sites that do not have related content. Low PR scores.

However, affordable providers usually offer you much assurance and will certainly be much better off than buying low.

#7. SeoClercks

Buy backlinks on SeoClerks

Also similar to Fiverr, but even cheaper than Fiverr, for only $ 1 you can earn hundreds, thousands of backlinks.

Were you sure you would buy them? No, please see my order on the photo. I was really puzzled to see my backlinks have nothing to do with the content. That makes Google doubt that you have Spam Link.

You should choose reputable suppliers and good prices, it will bring you understanding and value of the money you spent.

#8. Backlink Srocket

They provide quality backlinks from recommended systems such as Edu, Authority, Social Media… Their system helps you create backlink campaigns with target options such as keywords, URLs.

In addition, they offer different SEO services packages with backlinks, social bookmarking, and more to increase the visibility of search engines for online customers.

#9. Ahref

With Ahrefs not only providing quality backlinks, they also provide plans to help you develop websites such as Keyword planning, content research, competitive analysis…

It can be said that they are a leading backlink provider with nearly 4 billion web pages a day. They integrate many tools to help analyze and build backlink more effectively.

#10. Buy High Quality Backlinks

Over 15 years of development and experience, they pledged all backlinks to have scores from PR 1 and above. Along with that, the reporting mode makes it easy for customers to easily manage how their backlinks are linked, and where.


With the sites I have introduced above you can buy backlinks. Depending on your needs to choose the best buy places. However, with my experience, high cost often comes with better quality and better support.

The backlink is very important for your website, and if you buy a bad backlink your website will be greatly impacted by the results that show up on Google

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