///Turnkey Internet Review

Turnkey Internet Review

  • Excellent uptime record
  • Green Datacenter
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Cloud Migration Assistance
  • Easy use with Cpanel
  • Their services is a bit on the high side
  • No Shared Hosting solution

I will be showing you in this review why Turnkey Internet is one of the most valuable web hosting services you can ever go for. We have different web hosting service today; many of these providers have various features that they use to attract their customers. This may be the various domain name, secured backup, and reliability of their services. If you are buying or searching for a web hosting, the choices you have may be overwhelming. One of the hosting services that have gained a lot of trust in the past is Turkey Internet.  The question will be, what makes them unique than other web-hosting services we have today?

Turnkey Internet Similars

Turnkey Internet vs Ipage and Hostgator

Cloud Hosting



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VPS Hosting




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MySQL databases

Money-back guarantee


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45 Day











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30 Day



Turnkey Internet review on features

The company was the founded the year 1999. They are involved in consulting and web-hosting ever since then. And they are the customer-centered company. They are a brand to reckon with today, in web-hosting and every other hosting service. They have advanced technology that helps them serve their customers better.


They do everything from their company

Turnkey Internet is not another middlemen company.  They main and operate all their services from their business. And they have dedicated staff to take care of all of these services to ensure smooth operation. This allows them to offer you a competitive price.

Excellent uptime record

They have almost 100% uptime. For people that need this type of connection, which is the quality everyone is looking for in any web hosting services. Turnkey Internet utilizes reliable hardware that reduces the chances of an outage. You can be sure you will get 100% uptime if you allow them to host your website.

They use Green Datacenter

The data center of Turnkey Internet’s is located in New York. They make use of clean, green energy, and they have their solar source. The carbon footprint of Turnkey Internet will assure you of their long-term viability.

They have excellent Customer Support

Their customer support is top notch. They offer a technical assistance and answer questions like no other web hosting company.  Turnkey Internet provides great support from their 24 hours customer chat center. The company customer support is excellent, don’t take my word for it, you can simply chat them up to see their response rate.

They have a lot of Tutorial and guide in their resource center

Do you think their one aspect of online business you don’t understand? Then I will advise you to take advantage of their various guides and videos that have more than 400 topics to take care of anything you need.

They help you when you want to backup

One of the qualities to look out for any web hosting company is their help in assisting you back up your data.  They offer you up to 10 GB of storage at no cost. And other web hosting company will charge you nothing less than $50. And they allow you to backup weekly, monthly and yearly. Their user-friendly dashboard makes all of this even more convenient.

Cloud Migration Assistance

If you want to move to another provider, Turnkey Internet will take it upon them to help you with all the migration process at no cost.  The company will help you move application, data, emails and database to your new Turnkey services. What’s more, can you ask for? And the service is free.

One-stop Shop for all your website needs

Turnkey Internet also helps with other services apart from the web hosting services. They do website monitoring and cloud server, and every other service you may require from them.


Below are few disadvantages of Turnkey Internet Service.

Their services is a bit on the high side

I will love to inform you that their services are not cheap. But one thing that still cancels out the cost is their ability to help at a different point when you encounter any problem.

No Shared Hosting solution

If you prefer a shared hosting option, you may not get that because the company only offers a dedicated VPS service.

Hosting Package and Pricing

Turnkey Internet’s have a lot of plan for their clients. The Green series start from $139 monthly. This package has a 2 GB RAM, and 250 GB disk space.

They have another package called Turnkey series which cost $179 monthly with Code 2 Quad processor a 2 GB RAM, and 2000 GB bandwidth processor.

The Professional series is valued $249 monthly with 2 GB RAM, 250 GB storage, and 2000 GB bandwidth.

They also have the Enterprise series valued at  $279 monthly for Xeon X3210 Quad Core 2.13 GHz processor that include 2 GB RAM, 250 GB storage and 4000 GB bandwidth.


Turnkey Internet services are excellent. The web-hosting service shared same features offered by most web hosting company in the industry. But they have few features that make them stand out. They have almost 100% uptime performance. This reduces server downtime and offers competitive pricing. Their customer support is just too great.  They also help you backup your data at no cost. The only drawback about this company is their price. If you want excellent and competitive price web hosting services, Turnkey is a great option to go for.

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